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What should they name the next album?

John Bonham

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27 minutes ago, wasted said:

calling it Chinese Democracy II and having Slash and Duff on it is too good to miss. It would justify and vindicate Axl on so many levels. If they announced CD III and IV on release it would be legendary. CD then would become a chapter in this 4-cd GNR album project. 

Hey...nice idea, I like it.

After this...

The Legend of The Red Panda could be the last Axl record...piano and vocals only.

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Cowboy Country


In Cowboy Country, the Old Rock meets the Gold Rock. During the 1980s, some of the pioneers of hair metal lured to California for the gold rush settled in Cowboy Country and established mansions and merch stands. Later, after the gold rush ended in California, prospectors explored northern Nevada and discovered CD II in the majestic mountains of Cowboy Country.

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The new GNR album titled...........will be out..........


By the process of elimination, they have a title with a “for”, they have the 3 word title, they have the two word oxymoron title. They haven’t got the “of” title. 


Persistence of Insanity

Stay of Execution

Automation of Neon

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On 5/7/2019 at 9:12 AM, GnRLiars said:

Tommy Burgers

I think this is kind of the way to go. The jokey Some Girls thing, AC/DC fun. They can’t do street rock anymore, they seem a bit old for stadium pomp rock, and the geo political seriousness seems done. But a fun psychedelic hard rock album about chili burgers seems like something. Rock the Rock I guess. Gimme Some Reggae. 

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