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John Bonham

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One of the commanders of the other place says the source is reliable, so it must be the real Izzy lol.

If this is WFA I have to say that, apart from personal issues with some users, the kid is great.

He denied it


Not me.

Also, there's no such thing as nu gnr. Nor am I against the new lineup of Guns.


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Slash and Adler will be playing some charity show in Feb 26



It would suck if Adler is involved but not Izzy...

From Slash France via Google translate

Yesterday Slash played a charity concert to raise funds for Willie Low , leader of Black Sheep in which happened Slash before Guns n 'Roses .

Willie Basse is suffering from cancer. A concert was organized to raise funds for his care.

An auction was planned for this purpose including an ESP guitar signed by Slash . Concerning the show, it was held at Paladino's, a small club bar like so fond Slash in the '90s.

Guests such as Roy Z Mitch Perry, Scott Warren were present. Slash has jammed with Mitch Perry (guitarist who played with Edgar Winter, Cher, MSG, Steeler), Michael Olivieri (bass) and Vinnie Apice (drummer, ex Dio / Black Sabbath) but strangely not with Steven Adler was expected to show at the concert!

Slash performed " Rainbow in the Dark " ( DIO ) and " Day Tripper " ( Beatles )

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Since we've never been told exactly what this 'regrouping' will entail, or how far it will go, and the fact that's been no explicit promotion....Imagine if the lights go down on April 8th and the show starts...And the majority of the show is Axl, Frank, Pitman and Dizzy with two new no-name guitarists for most of the show....With Slash and Duff coming out to guest on a few songs, but that's it. Technically, as Axl, Slash and Duff would be sharing a stage for a few songs, it would be a "regrouping", and no one could literally claim to have been misled or false promotion since there hasn't been any promotion....

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