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John Bonham

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15 hours ago, Faxl Rows said:

"An all-new show" eh?


We'll see

Yeah it's weird, all the radio promos here are saying the same. But I suspect that just means "IT'S NOT THE SAME STAGE AS TWO YEARS AGO PLEASE BUY TICKETS"


I'll go if they play new music before then, to embrace the shit.

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3 hours ago, EstrangedTWAT said:

I remember I taped a segment off MTV News back in 2001 that had brief footage of GNR at Rock in Rio III.


There was a clip of some Brazlian chicks hanging out before the show singing SCOM and it was hilarious how bad they were at English.


They were like "oooohh  ohh ohhh sweeeee chaaaaaiiii ohh miiiiiii-iiii".....


Can't help but think of that every time GNR goes back to South America to bleed those starving bastards dry.


Fun fact that I just made up:   every time GNR announces a new SA tour, the value of black market human organs drops considerably as millions of desperate third world peasants try to scrounge together enough cash for a ticket.  Nobody is safe......elderly relatives, tourists, the few remaining dogs that haven't been eaten.......couples are known to have babies and immediately harvest their organs for precious, precious GNR tickets.   Look it up....it's true!!



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