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John Bonham

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I'm just glad the boys are out there every night, playing 4 hours straight for the joy of the real true fans. Axl is amazingly good this tour. Def an improvement on 2017 and 2018. He looks much better with the shorter hair.


Slash? What can I say? He's at his peak and you can see he enjoys every second of this. Duff just oozes punkness and is great (Not diminishing the amazing job of alt-punk legend Tommy Stinson, but Duff the king of beers is essential to GNR).


Richard is probably the most impressive rhythm guitarist I've ever seen. Frank and Melissa show that GNR are a modern band where diversity is encouraged and old 80s mulletheads better accept it.


Thank you Beta, Fernando, Jarmo, Del and all the crew for always being amazing. Can't wait to see them for the 10th time in Brazil next year! \,,,/ GnF'nR for life \,,,/

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6 hours ago, RedHook said:

The mickey voice is responsible for all the negative in this review. ?


,” Rose sounded flat. Sometimes pitchy. Often, he defaulted to a weak falsetto, sounding more like he was doing his best Axl Rose impression than actually singing in the band he founded.

He always sounds like that on YouTube videos! Just go to the gig and you will see for yourself!! OH WAIT

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Dead Horse is the most apt song for this current incarnation of the band on this never ending bore tour.... imagine adding locomotive and dead horse to the set and the show still being a boring snooze fest.... I guess the fire is harder to ignite within when the moolah is there for minimal effort and laziness.

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