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John Bonham

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Not really an issue, but I just noticed this and thought it was odd.


I got a cheap Tablet, that in the past displayed only the Cell phone version of the site.


But all the sudden the Cell phone version looks very different,

But only on the tablet.


It has text from each thread under each thread title 


Is this intentional?






Edit: and now it's gone.

Back to normal ? 










Oct 24 EDIT:

Now the Text is back :shrugs:


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7 hours ago, Bill Brasky said:

@John Bonham brother the site is laggy as fuck lately.  Not in my end other websites run fine. I even done the cache clean trick a bunch.

Too many twitter embeds

just stop posting the actual twitter links, interesting ones will be deleted so why waste bandwith and resources? Just grab a picture and post it as a picture

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