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I love that we're on a site where the mod says not to be a faggot.

The real reason we did away with the chat room, is that too many people were using it to talk about @GUNNER behind his back. 

Thats what you did wrong. Try to contact them on Jabber

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I don't know if it's a glitch or not, but I currently have 4 notifications and they're all from Broski liking the same post I made. Either he liked and unliked it 3 times or there's some funny business going on.

Seems like something he'd do.

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Random 2 cents suggestion:


I think the GunsNFNRoses subforum should either be un-nested (moved up one level, so there is no subforum, and all the individual boards are in one list (which could still be separated into groups with headings, etc)), or the visitor stats at the bottom of the screen should be persistent when in the subforum view.  In the subforum, those stats aren't there is basically what I'm saying.  Not a big deal, just a random suggestion.


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