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Found 22 results

  1. "...they say I just won't budge, (unintelligible)"
  2. The message below was sent to me on this holy day to protect us from evil. 🐰 Happy Easter 🐰
  4. Will it be worth the wait? What will it sound like? What songs will be on it? Will there be cover tunes on it? What years will the recording span? How many songs will be on it? What will the running time be? What will the lyrics be about? Will the artwork be cool? Will the liner notes be incomprehensible? Will it be released in a traditional or non-traditional manner?
  5. Are you appalled regarding w axl rose not participating and performing in the act of humanity to the people he claims to love ? Are you even more disgusted that he personally profited and approved of the biggest super mass spreader of Covid 19 Chinese made virus musical event of 2020 ? Please feel free to ask this question on other forums and social media. A honest non objective views gladly accepted 🤗
  6. Ultimate Rock posted this this morning. Thought I'd post before the unfun police take it down Not sure how many times it's been posted, but fuck it. Here it is again http://ultimateclassicrock.com/guns-n-roses-sweet-child-o-mine-first-performance/
  7. I mean, it's the objective truth, even if Slash is a corporate cock rock whore poser Still better than Axl in every aspect when it comes to "lifetime achievements" Time to spill the beans fellas: are there any Axl nutswingers left whom may honestly think that Axl is better than Slash overall?
  8. Seems like he still loves lawsuits and probably aware that he was/is a fat fuck http://torrentfreak.com/axl-rose-sends-dmca-notices-to-google-targeting-fat-photo-160605/ This will backfire, no doubt (Streisand effect anyone?)
  9. Thin Axl had sex with a 15 year old hippie chick named Michelle http://medium.com/cuepoint/inside-the-horrific-guns-n-roses-hell-house-971e20df749c Then, in December 1985, came a dark and serious incident that signalled the end of the Hell House era. A 15-year-old girl named Michelle entered the rehearsal space one day, and, according to an interview Axl later gave to the LA Weekly, “started fucking with our equipment.” There was some kind of scuffle and the girl ended up running naked along Sunset Boulevard. Michelle was known to the band. She’d hung around the Hell House periodicall
  10. Guns N' Roses Snoop Dogg Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest January 31st, 2020 Miami, Florida 🔫🌹🌹🔫 It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to the Jungle Slither Better Estranged Live and Let Die You're Crazy Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine Shadow Of Your Love Attitude Civil War Dead Horse Double Talkin' Jive Blues Jam/ Sweet Child O' Mine November Rain Knockin' On Heavens Door (Dedicated to Kobe) Nightrain Patience The Seeker Paradise City
  11. And do you think he'll ever be a talking head on MSNBC?
  12. Most of us will probably be dead in three years. Let's get our kicks now before the whole shit house goes up in flames.
  13. In these trying times we must all do our part to FATTEN THE CURVE as a fatter curve equals a sooner Hard School. Steps you can take include but are not limited to: -Washing your hands to two full rotations of the Hard School rehearsal clip -Not touching your face, even to wipe grease off -Coughing into your elbow -Continuing staying indoors as normal We can all get through this as long as all cautions are made. Remember to only trust verified sources with news regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, such as the Alex Jones Show and MSL's twitter.
  14. Guns N' Roses management have threatened Rick Dunsford with a lawsuit, claiming the Super-Fan leaked nearly 100 of the band's unreleased songs. Guns N' Roses claims Rick Dunsford leaked 97 previously unreleased songs over the web after obtaining the recordings from a storage unit auction, and Universal Music Group—which owns the copyrights—has now taken legal action. UMG's legal team fired off a cease and desist letter to Rick—obtained by TMZ—claiming Dunsford violated an earlier settlement agreement in which UMG paid him $15,000 to return the recordings. Th
  15. Tonight at 7 PM EST / 12 AM GMT in the Discord we will be live-streaming a lovely double header of two of the greatest shows of the highly celebrated DJ Ashba/Bumblefoot era: Bridge School Benefit 2012 and Golden Gods Awards 2014. Be sure to join as a good time is sure to be had by all. http://discord.gg/C45GyS
  16. I don’t see the point in it and it means the Lukers can lurk you either one of us or your not Fuck Them
  17. Guest

    Merch: Axl & Izzy Pins

    Axl Rose custom Converse Weapons lapel pin: Izzy Stradlin "Don't Cry" milk carton lapel pin: buy: http://collarpopmfg.com/
  18. Elton John Never Felt That Eminem or Axl Rose Were Homophobic Axl about the event and meeting with Elton 11 years ago Source
  19. http://www.yahoo.com/music/watch-guns-n-roses-booed-forgetting-city-theyre-215055803.html
  20. "Very" interesting tidbits from GNREvo about the mid 90's GNR period. Tl;DR alert! Axl got the first solo band line up with some random sleaze rock dudes, lol The Axl Rose Band was supposed to be an all-star lineup, a supergroup in any sense of the word. Dave Navarro would play lead, Trent Reznor would man synths / computers, Dave Grohl would be in the drums. With Axl on top, the sound would've been an interesting mix of eclectic styles - if it would work, it would gel into something that was not there before; a unique sound, totally on the pulse of the music nation. That is, as far as the
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