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  1. Yeah, didn't realise it was that gimp. No desire to check his site. Still, if there was a leak everyone would have it by now.
  2. Oh is that who that is? Oh dear! Either way, I still call bullshit.
  3. No surprise! Cheers for the confirmation.
  4. Any lyrics or snippets or anything or is this just a big fat hoax?
  5. Let me get this right... This site is the only one discussing this 'leak'and you guys are the only ones claiming to have this song, but you complain that other GnR fans actually have the nerve to want to listen as well? I used to post here a long time ago but havnt bothered in years, because CD came and went and it was shite. The NITL stuff doesn't warrant great discussion and this forum mostly descended into in-jokes about Brazilians and Fat Axl. Perhaps if there was something to discuss then people might make more of a contribution instead of 'begging' for a shit new Axl demo about some bird that left him him 20-odd years ago.
  6. Used to post here sporadically many years ago before CD and shortly after, and also at GNR evolution before that. This is pretty much the only Guns site I ever check. Mostly for the fat jokes!
  7. Anyone care to hook me up with the latest instalment of Axl self pity please? Cheers!
  8. Tragic, what a sad circus, Axl is fucked. Hang it up!
  9. Voted for Slash. Whilst not a fan of all of Slash's work at least he releases music that I have the chance to like or not. Big fan of his new one, some VR, some Snakepit. Sure he does stuff like the Superbowl. But ask most people if they'd wanna play such a big event and the answer would probably be yes. He's well respected enough to get invited to play it and as a musician is able to promote himself, and why shouldnt he? He's managed to become possibly bigger than ever since leaving Guns so fair play to him, seems like a decent guy and is well respected by his peers. He doesnt play with people like BB King and Les Paul because he's a hack. For me, Axl has just been a massive wanker for far too long and continues to disappoint, the HOF letter and subsequent 'apology' was childish and pathetic, CD was on the whole, balls, and I'd never pay a penny to see his sorry circus live ever again. Once was enough and it was a parody of what Guns was. As a rock star and person he seems deplorable and detestable and the whole censorship etc surrounding him is a disgrace. i.e Del James interviews, HTGTH. Sure he made some good albums once but he is artistically dead for the most part. His hatred and blame for Slash and everything else has given his enablers free reign to milk him dry and he hasnt grown up one bit over the years. I honestly dont know why I'm even a fan of the idiot, there is still a shred of fandom, but I guess its the desperate hope that he might one day pull off something decent, or at least better than that balls up of a last album.
  10. Fair enough having a GNR tattoo, wouldnt do it myself but each to their own. These tattoos are just hilariously bad. Looks like a pissed guy dropped a box of ink on a pig carcass.
  11. Lol you changed your mind pretty quick. I like most of this album, not a huge fan of Hard N Fast or Bad Rain, maybe the bonus tracks but the rest is solid. Standouts are Anastasia, Far and Away, Stnding in the Sun. In fact everything apart from those mentioned is awesome.
  12. Those are pretty much the worst tattoos ever, fucking hilarious. I bet Volcano has a wipe-clean laminated copy of that picture next to his computer.
  13. By who The industry. You know, the same people who only care about cash and promote shit music because it sells well these days. You might not like Slash's music but at least he has music to promote. You fail at trolling on every level.
  14. I wouldn't mind in the sense that I'd no longer have any reason to care about VR. This. Slash is the big draw for 80% of VRs fans probably. If he left i'd not really give a damn about them. Sure Matt and Duff are an awesome rhythm section but.... I just think Scott has been sniffing glue or something.
  15. Metallica havn't always sucked, sure since Justice they've not been that great but one thing in their favour is that they actually do stuff. They release albums, dvds, tour, theyre doing their own festival etc and theyre very appreciative of their fans and their past (see their 30th anniversary last year) If they want to do an anniversary tour to celebrate their massively popular Black album then fair enough. Now if they just did Black album tours year after year and chucking in a few numbers from St Anger then perhaps they could be compared to Axl N Friends. I will admit their Lou Reed collaboration was like the aural equivalent of anal cancer, but at least they try something different.
  16. Played the hell out of this album since I got it and it gets better each time. Love it, sure some of it is cheesy and Myles sounds like a tormented cat in parts but its fun, catchy and fucking awesome. The good thing about Slash is that he is just being the Slash that we know and love, it does what it says on the tin, no pretence or trying to be something its not. Gonna be a great summer album.
  17. Only room for one bullshitter eh? 10k in escrow for his cds? Go on you know you wanna.
  18. Well Axl did say the Dublin fans were gonna something special. Extra leg room is always nice! Seriously though, the attendance doesnt look good. Cant say I'm sad about that. London must've sold out because of all the South Americans that live there....
  19. He looks like a boiled ham with a hat on.
  20. Wtf is going on here! Maybe all the others just said 'fuck it, lets do it' without telling Slash? Cant see that happening but Slash seems to be the one who always shoots down their ideas i.e Corey Taylor so maybe they had enough of the hiatus. Bizarre.
  21. Ghost and By The Sword were definitely great, and maybe theres nothing on here as catchy as Ghost. I really like the title track, the guitar is sweet. Slash's tone on this is awesome, proper Slash through and through. The outro on Anastasia is ridiculously good. I like the whole of this album straight off the bat and thats always a good sign, some really good solos on it for sure. And it is like Snakepit, but better than Aint Life Grand for me, never could get on with Rod Jackson's voice, although Myles is an acquired taste. Hes too much of a clean cut good boy for me, he has little attitude and looks too much like Kevin Bacon to take him entirely seriously. But at the end of the day, if Slash digs him and he brings out songs as good as this in Slash then who are we to say any different!
  22. First spin all the way through and its very good indeed imo. All killer no filler really, maybe Bad Rain doesnt stand up to the rest of it and the bonus tracks are what they are, although the talkbox on Carolina is tasty, Crazy Life is a bit shit due to Myles and the lyrics but the guitar is good. Standouts so far are No More Heroes, Halo, Anastasia and Standing in The Sun for me. Theres some fucking killer guitar work on it and the solos on the whole are great and fit the songs nicely. The rhythm section are solid and much better than the last solo album and surprisingly for me at least, Myles doesnt grate even after a whole play through. Better than the last album for sure (even though that had some awesome songs) and Slash is on fire. 8 (possibly 8.5) outta 10! A solid rock album that doesnt try to be something that its not, and works so much better for that.
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