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  1. BBB

    TRUE FAN t-shirt

    As JB said : this shirt suggests that you support NuGnR way more than what you want it to convey...
  2. You mean unlike AFD ? The whole point I was trying to make was : sure CD bombed compared to previous GnR records and to how good it was supposed to do...but so did all records by major rock bands the same year so I doubt it all comes down to "Chinese Democracy sucks"...
  3. It's still true though, they both suck giant rancid donkey balls compared to old school Axl Pose.
  4. I know of these facts but I was mainly answering to Dave's message...because yes, even if Black Ice did better than Chinese, no matter how you look at it, it did poorly by AC/DC standards and so did Death Magnetic by Metallica standards. Not saying CD was an incredible success but in the end : Back in Black : 44 millions / Black Ice : 5 millions and AFD : 28 millions / CD : 3 millions It's not THAT bad considering all the lineup changes, Axl's refusal to promote the album, Axl's general douchebaggery, the complete change of musical orientation, etc etc etc...
  5. You do realize that AC/DC's Black Ice, which took ten years to be released and which most people consider an "incredible success" sold 5 million copies ? How does that compare to the 44 milion copies of Back in Black ? Wanna compare the sales of Death Magnetic to the Black Album too ?
  6. So I guess we made it : his name is officially Finch now !
  7. How is it a "fanpack" ? Looks more like a "noobpack" to me...
  8. So he also has the Chinese Democracy bike and his neck says AXL.
  9. If you really want to go through with your plan, do it properly at least : throw a bottle of fermented Jenkem ! Also, what you should do is this : get a disposable phone, start livestreaming with it just at the beginning of Paradise City, then attach the phone to the bottle of Jenkem so we can appreciate the throw in HD from all over the world.
  10. I know you guys don't care about him very much, but listen to Richard Fortus's new solo spot. Why doesn't he have a single solo on Chinese ? Why does DJ get all the attention ? Dafuq ??
  11. Yeah, she probably heard Thin Lizzy from outside of the venue
  12. BBB

    Moscow Shows

    I didn't say that. What I suggested was : who cares if it's nearly complete if it isn't to be released anytime soon ? If it only lacks a few corrections and additions but it takes years to make these, what satisfaction should I find as a fan in the fact that the band is saying it's "nearly complete" ? As far as I'm concerned, I care very little about what state the album is in because it takes forever to the band to make the slightest move from "nearly complete" to "released" so all I'm interested in is a name and a release date honnestly...
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