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  1. legend metal for life

  2. Girls love douchebags But he isn't really a douchebag. I mean...he may be a faggot but it's not like he's the tough guy.
  3. As said before, he had discovered this afterwards. Sorry but if you believe in this kind of crap you are a fucking nutjob.
  4. If Axl had managed to not fuck it up in 2002 I think the band wouldn't have been regarded as the joke they are now.
  5. I never understood where all this love for Fortus came from, though. He's just a regular guitar player, but nothing special.
  6. If only Axl would still sound like this live.
  7. Chinese Democracy starts now 11!1!111!!!!
  8. What are some good Genesis songs? To me they are just another mediocre pop band.
  9. Listen at how the people go crazy, as if it was the best thing they've ever heard.
  10. Bumblefoot had to cancel his January/February European dates, because of concflicts with the schedule. Is Axl planing another Chinese Democracy World Tour?
  11. http://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/6231280384/hE07F853B/
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