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  1. GnR try to do a remake of Estranged vídeo, every member try to save fat Axl from drowning and fail miserably. Everyone end up dying underwater and are eaten by diabolic dolphins.
  2. And looks happy, unlike everybody on Gn'R's stage
  3. I don't even speak shizilian, but Im improving my romani really fast thanks to the cockgoblin shitnar
  4. Another romani speaker. This virus is faster than covid's
  5. I guess he's retired by now http://www.google.com/amp/s/musicfeeds.com.au/news/corey-taylor-says-hell-retire-if-the-original-guns-n-roses-line-up-reform/amp/
  6. Beautiful .... Everybody's learning romani. Thanks again @RagnarE
  7. I couldnt care less about a new album. Any new album in this actual world will be forgot in 2 weeks. All the classics are already done.
  8. Year 2021 Billy Idol at the age of 65 Its embarassing and hilarious at the same time for Aless Roses... Sad 2017:
  9. 56? Lol.... Billy Idol at the age of 60, showing his 6 pack onstage, singing great and, probably, fucking Miley at the backstage tVHdESbXV2o Lol. Alex Rossi
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