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  1. One of the 2743 million guys photographed for the UYI booklet's central pages
  2. OMG I almost forgot Reba Shaw's contribution to NR Why dont GnR fans talk about it more Often?
  3. Yeah ... And finally, in 2022, its time to make him some justice, right? Wrong. Stfu Miser
  4. UYI gave GnR a planetary dimension and made GnR last some more years, or it would be just another hair glam band finished in the end of the 80's.
  5. GnR got the biggest amount of fans, worldwide, in 1991/92. The biker shorts were there. The first image millions of new fans had from GnR was Axl with his biker shorts/flanel/kilt/bandana and Slash's tophat. You can re-write history whatever you like, it wont Change the facts. More... not even a single one of you haters quit from being a fan back then because of the biker shorts. Stop being ridiculous.
  6. The biker shorts didnt do any harm to 1991-1993 GnR. Biker shorts with the flanel on the waist was an epic/iconic look, no matter how gay you think it is now. You are just looking at it with 2022 eyes.
  7. Myles always sounded like a screaming goat. I gave up from GnR when Aless started sounding worse than Myles .... That's quite an achivement. Slash playing some GnR songs worse than Ashba and BBF didnt help either
  8. Even with biker shorts and Dizzy tambourine Reed
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