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  1. What happened with that discussion ‘off air’ in relation to various others who may have tracks? Plus, somebody needs to tap up Zutaut to see if $20k would get us into his vault
  2. Clearly the band has zero fucking interest in releasing a new record. We know there is likely a shit tonne of music in the vault. Maybe someone in the fold should upload it all on the net. The ban could feign disgust and profanity at the prospect of someone ‘stealing’ its music whilst the fans get to hear the contents of the vault. The band would likely get less pressure to release a new record. Everybody’s happy
  3. Loved that guy’s honesty. He called GnR for what it is. Also really wanted to get new music out for the fans. Plus, the stormtrooper incident at RIR was epic.
  4. My favourite 5 GnR songs right there pal
  5. Those jugs look so solid I bet she’s resting that coffee unaided. Jeez you’d need to put those fuckers in a vice to get a tit wank 🤣
  6. Never saw this, did he bumble a fuck?
  7. 10/10 more rasp than Axl
  8. Loved those ‘02 shows. That was the shit for me. Too bad Axl couldn’t realise his intentions for that incarnation of the band. But, the label execs got their way in the end, and all we are left with is a ‘band’ way past its prime with no intention of releasing new music
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