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  1. Just trying to pull out of this funk I am in.

    1. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      Good luck bro. Thr problem is you're not crazy 

    2. bran


      Just worried about this medical stuff.

  2. Same happened to my uncle and dad, dad bought UYI 2 and my uncle bought UYI 1 and cranked them both for like a week straight lol.
  3. It was a double album sold separately, which ended up splitting the sales right down the middle.
  4. That is pretty funny, but was promised tits, and no tits were delivered. 7/10 shitpost(titless)thread.
  5. Worst decision was Axl not utilizing the talent he had in 2000-2002.
  6. I would give the demo a 6.5 or 7, I thought the song had good potential as a demo, as a final product I would give it a 5.5 or 6. The things they changed weren't for the better IMO.
  7. Didn't Faster Pussycat have a band member that got arrested for sending heroin to himself through the mail?
  8. The Brazilian defense force is already out, holy fuck lol.
  9. The demo is better, this sounds disjointed as fuck.
  10. During the sex we better get "a pussy full of maggots" thrown in there somewhere.
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