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  1. The cigarette holder always makes me laugh for some reason.
  2. Fucking heat wave already.

  3. I was banned from a New York Jets forum once.
  4. lol. Good to see another NH poster on the board.
  5. St Anger had "The Unnamed Feeling" so there is that. Some of these choices really don't make sense. Putting "Angry Machines" by Dio or "Demolition" by Judas Priest on the same level as "Cold Lake" by Celtic Frost is a bit odd. I can think of a billion albums by good bands that are far worse than those albums. Even "Forbidden" By Sabbath has some good stuff on it.
  6. Reading these kinds of articles just really pisses me off with how much talent Axl pissed away. Let's be brutally honest here, compared to other sings, Axl didn't put nearly the wear and tear from touring and making music a lot of other singers have. Someone like Dio, who made music and toured for 50 years was dying of stomach cancer, and undergoing chemo treatments and he still sounded like Dio. Bruce Dickinson is a cancer survivor as well and is 3 years older than Axl and he still sounds like Bruce. Alice Cooper is 73 and still brings it, I saw him just before the pandemic and he was brillia
  7. bran

    Coma sucks

    The hospital overdubs is the shit I hate about the song, the song itself is fantastic.
  8. Definitely sounds like Axl.
  9. I put him on the same level as a Ritchie Blackmore, one of the best to ever pick up the instrument.
  10. I don't think we will ever get a new album as long as All is kicking.
  11. "So I brought Izzy up to my house, I know that my mom called him Jeff"
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