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  1. It doesn't help that MJ was a strange dude. I don't think he diddled kids but his choices were questionable.
  2. Tough to best Miser as a first guest. I'd volunteer for a guest spot but I'm not very interesting.
  3. Atlas was probably the last great song we will ever get. Well I liked it.
  4. It was a cool song when I was nineteen. Haven't listened to it in probably five years.
  5. The obvious answer would be Axl. Dude jumped into a crowd to fight a fan with a camera and once fought Tommy Hilfiger. Badass. He should have a cocaine induced power move if they make a video game.
  6. Every so often, especially today, I write something retarded I would like to delete. Can this be an option again?
  7. GUNNER came back for the first time in years to shit on @Wilco and then fucked off again.  

    1. Pappa FAT

      Pappa FAT

      he finally got internet signal in the amazon after years of scouting for one 

  8. A tradition unlike any other. The Masters on CBS. 

    1. bacardimayne


      tiger woods was going double the speed limit when he crashed

  9. There is actually a national egg shortage because Axl bought them all.
  10. Rest in peace man. I always considered you a friend. I wish you knew. 

  11. Slash is a pretty good guitarist really. But I'm biased. I feel like his personal choices really screwed him over creatively in the long run and we fans pay the price. He owes Perla thousands monthly in payments through his divorce. The easy way to money is to be Axl's bitch and go along with the shitty tours. Which sucks for us fans. I can't imagine him being to happy with the outcome. I bet if you asked him he has a few regrets on how his life turned out. But that's how life is. You make poor choices when you're young, like sig
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