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  1. That was a learning experience. Messed up a few different things, and never could master worth a damn. Specifically though, for that track, I owe Conor an apology. Sorry dude. You probably remember exactly what I fucked up. There's a few other parts I screwed up on that and other tracks as well. Still occasionally enjoy listening to all of them though. I really enjoyed working with you guys.
  2. I just deleted a three paragraph rant. Instead of essentially agreeing with every critical opinion presented before this, I'll just say..... Go get'em Furbush.
  3. I swear I'm laughing out loud again, still. That is the funniest fucking shop I've ever seen in my life. This is from creed, right? Bless that fat-master. Bless him for decades. Bless all of you fat fuckers.
  4. As infrequently as I participate here, I'll understand if this is not fully considered, but here's my vote. Best of Everything, 2020:
  5. Thanks, tubby. I feel better already!
  6. Bacardi, you jackass. Change it back. I can't think of any good reason to visit a GNR forum other than to see your previous avatar. The magnificence of it was that it made every single comment you typed the funniest fucking thing I ever read.
  7. When the VH tribute runs its well-deserved course, I'd like to suggest filling the banner with 4 or 20 of these masterpieces.
  8. I haven't been able to stop laughing for the last half hour. This thread is pure gold.
  9. I'm not commenting on your comment, Bacardi. This is about your avatar. BWAHAHAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAAAHAHAHA! That's so fucked up.
  10. Correction, the actions of those faggots resulted in more than 40 of my video uploads being removed from two different platforms. I really don't care anymore, but thought I'd toss it out there since I saw this thread for the first time just now.
  11. Can I take back my comment? It was nine fucking years ago, afterall, and all post-Bucket versions of this shit band can officially blow me.
  12. Fixed. Quitting GNR permanently and quitting mixing permanently are not exactly the same. I just don't like GNR much anymore. I focus more on other hobbies and, if an itch needs scratching, other music genres. This Shankler's solo isn't what I was expecting at all. Can somebody send me the 2004 version? Ten bucks says it is significantly different. Thanks to um... the uploader... for the upload.
  13. I'm highly dubious to the legitimacy of this. Like gunsntortillas, it sounds to me like a Matrix soundtrack B-side.
  14. Agreed. I can't stand them either - not even most of mine. NO LIE. That's why I never download them, and why I almost NEVER share my own publicly. If you've been tied down and forced to listen to some of my vomit, it wasn't by me, right? I did like your post. Even your imbecile jab rings true on multiple levels.
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