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  1. Fuckin rocker at their "comeback."
  2. Smooth blending, stuffing face, AND a Seinfeld reference? That sir, is a winner.
  3. That reface app may be the best thing technology has put forth in the last 10 years.
  4. Why the fuck would he go on these dumpster fire message boards and talk to this psychotic fanbase?
  5. Holy Christ I looked it up, he is 60. Wonder what surgeries and baby blood treatments he's had
  6. All this article shows me is Assba is a fiscal retard who thinks he's really smart.
  7. Remember when Steve was disgusted because they kept showing a picture "of that old woman" to him? They've done this before to Axl.
  8. ...and again, by the same dumbass.
  9. Well he's probably pilled up again.
  10. Not unfair, just you being full of shit. Again.
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