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  1. At least it's under produced. It must be fun to play. I really think this is what Slash would do as GNR if given the chance.
  2. I remember Baz saying he had heard the new Axl and Dj song. Probably fake rumor. To me the legend of the ooze is still real.
  3. I wonder if Dj's song he made with Axl will come out. Dj did 12 demos for Axl.
  4. Where's my 100 million dollars, Joe Rogan? Mossad.
  5. They don't really want to. But if UMG wanted them gone then Slash or Axl would get metood.
  6. I think they edited the Egg Cups part out. So the title and description may be deceiving. No conspiracies, no refunds.
  7. If they wanted to they would, is my theory. Vocals aren't really their problem. They just work the market. The other thinking maybe like that movie Changing Lanes. Are you doing more good than harm? Also, David Geffen. Slash is pretty industry connected. And who knows, reunion or Mettoo? Also, Charlie decided to campaign for AIDS awareness rather than get meetoo'd. When you make a deal with the devil, it's a deal for life.
  8. Yeah it's a lot more work and I think Axl has a love/hate relationship with the music industry. I think he reached the top along time ago. So it's more about maintaining a position. And for that UMG/Geffen is fine. They are that kind of rock band. A Stones, a Aerosmith. More like a institution. Axl may have ambitious experimental side but the band doesn't, Slash just wants to do hard rock and play. They want to play Rock in Rio. All that they achieved and are associated with is kind of 70s to 90s rock industry. videos, cd sales and 90s touring. The Beatles ran off tried to do the Apple company and it ended in bankruptcy. Even Coppola had Zoetrope film, all failed. Their iconic status is built on the rock industry. Today bands are lost inside the algorithm, the pyramid seems to have collapsed into swirling diversity. Great for music fans but not sure how you make it or have impact culturally these days.
  9. I think they see GNR as the whole catalog. GH still sells, it's in and out of Billboard charts. It's probably hard to get out of a deal. I think Axl is happy or was over success even before UYI came out. It was Slash that wanted more freedom, he's like the Prince of hair metal. Axl said at CE that they would be better off with their own label. I think you probably need to lose tons of money to get out of your deal, lawsuits etc. The music company do provide a solid base and distribution services. UMG aren't a mickey mouse operation, although I guess now they are.
  10. There is a theory that MeToo is just a way to get artists out of contracts. As Manson's sales dropped they wanted him out. Same with Weinstein, Disney wanted him out. Spacey all his accusers are dead now.
  11. Ok, so who fucked Brian over? Which one of these assholes copy n pasted their banjo work over a legends artistry?!
  12. The keyboard intro and effects on Silkworms aren't on Absurd.
  13. Posting about released music sounds like a horrific fate. Having to justify Slash solo songs as GNR is something that even I might have trouble with. If I wanted that I go over to Faster Pussycat's discord. If bands are releasing albums why would I want to listen to it. It must be defective in someway.
  14. If you breakdown CD, VR, Izzy, Slash solo you can probably make 6 GNR albums. Each record only needs two CD songs, then just throw on some Slash and Izzy songs and some covers. But then what would we post about?
  15. Possibly but YCBM has an intro and the rant section. It's the tight bounciness of HS that makes it have a Rock or Bust feel. YCBM is just more drawn out and laid back, HS is really up. I think old Guns they were just a little more unhinged and pushing it here and there. I liked the HS demo intro, it had some drama and expansiveness that old Guns had. It just starts right up, makes me think it's going to be track 2 on the album. HS is very a concise, cute, toe tapper. I think it's a good thing. Even the right thing for GNR in 2020s. Both Absurd and HS have a pop rock element. AC/DC and Green Day come to mind. These two songs maybe the least 70s GNR songs released? Kind of Stones in the 80s, late ACDC, Razor's Edge.
  16. What is strange is Slash made Absurd almost the strongest CD era song. Guitar sound and production is much bigger and more aggressive. It's not as progressive arrangement wise but it stomps along. Hard Skool reminds me of Rock or Bust songs. They are kind of bouncy but follow a pretty traditional format. Enjoyable and catchy but not as cathartic as the 90s rage anthems.
  17. If they did acoustic versions of Wichita and The Seeker, then have them on an EP with Going Down, Nothing this reminds me of the Remix album idea, in that with some acoustic songs, remixes and covers there's a Lies 2/Spaghetti 2. There's so many versions Better too.
  18. Call me crazy but I think the HS EP with live songs from NITL is like Lies 2. The next ep might have more live songs. It would cool to take 4 Izzy songs and do them electric acoustic like Lies though. I'm not sure if Down by the Ocean has been debunked but that might be good.
  19. They don't do drugs anymore as far as we know, so it seems unlikely. Steven might come back and write some lyrics about speedballs and Fruit Loops. Axl might have some serial killer lyrics. Oklahoma might be about being court.
  20. I think he might just add a riff to it. Maybe Prostitute would be replaced by Atlas Shrugged.
  21. Lyrically speaking I think Izzy wrote the songs about drinking and drug addiction. Axl does the out ta get me rant songs and love songs. Having said that even Izzy doesn't write songs about being awesome anymore. It's more about riding motorbikes and relationship avoidance. I think because as they say they write off an element of truth, they don't do street life stuff. When Aerosmith came back they were sex addicts so they wrote about that. GNR had a private jet and merch. So maybe write about that.
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