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  1. Didn't Axl have the yellow bucket mack flown 1st class from Europe for the show when it started raining.
  2. Their last show should be Rock in Rio 2030. Then release CD III.
  3. Entry (Dressing Room) Requirements: 1. Eat 1 Double Cheese Burger 2. Eat 1 XL pack of Cheetos 3. Drink 2L of Sprite/Dr Pepper Round 1 Sing Any GNR Related Song In Your Own Singing Voice Round 2 Sing Any GNR Song with Axl Rose Style Vocals Round 3 Sing Any Britney Spears Song with Rasp Winner gets nothing but the lulz.
  4. DMT where the St Louis Riot happened listening to CD II while a nuke mushroom clouds in the distance.
  5. I can kind of hear the songs now you say it. They've done it so it fits the description of the song. I think it's part of the Nightrain solo.
  6. Back Fuckin' Again tho innit
  7. I doubt anyone was running.
  8. Yes I think they've even said they aren't going to talk much given the history. All things considered, this that and the other starts now. Also if you go back before reunion Axl called out a whole media conglomerate that he didnt's want to deal with.
  9. Yes but not with huge mainstream media. They are just keeping a low profile. They just haven't used or needed the media as promo.
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