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  1. I think a lot GNR's problems can be attributed to a kind of mythical punk rock status they acquired. That anti establishment thing kind of hindered their assimilation across the board. A real cartoon band or a cartoon of a real band?
  2. I was watching some videos about Courtney Love being in the CIA. Being sent to Japan as a child prostitute and sleeping with an agent when she was 17. He took her to London to infiltrate the late new romantic scene, then to Seattle. In both places she had an endless supply of drugs and was very disruptive.
  3. 2021 is the start of a new chinese lunar calendar. 21 is the new 91.
  4. I was hoping to tune into live reactions. But it's going to be more of a post show.
  5. I thought there was a live Fatcast broadcast?
  6. Can we tune in Live on youtube to listen to the Fatcast show?
  7. So there was a Sluff version in 90s, then 2000 nu Guns re-recorded it and now Slash has recorded a new version and added Shackler's part to it and Axl has new lyrics.
  8. So the version we heard is the Slash instrumental version? Then Axl added a vocal. Or is the zutaut garage leak version different?
  9. Is there really a Slash instrumental version? Is Hardschool the Slash origin riff Fortus was working on?
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