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  1. The main problem with the CD era stuff is the lyrics are often a certain way. And I'm not sure that really fits the vibe of the success of the NITL era. Now it seems like it's So Easy is the theme tune.
  2. In terms of voice that might be true, unless they change tact a little. Axl went all out in the studio which set him a task live. I think GNR could do the Zeppelin retirement lifestyle. Both Jimmy and Plant are alive but they just play one show and release a double GH. The Stones are the walking dead. Zombie integrity. Hockey arena Pepsi hotdog retirement. GNR still have Zeppelin mystique as most saw CD as Axl's solo album which is kind of rock n roll in that it was a 14 million dollar solo project. Judging by the NITL tour the shitshow still has mystique. So I c
  3. I don't think there's a pin to pull on being a living legend. Like the US might be bankrupt but their won't be a press conference about it. I can see Axl doing an interview in 2050 on a beach in Hawaii where he tells his life story to a bar maid. The exclusive first interview in 30 years. There's a sort of retirement community vibe about the Stones and Zeppelin so that's how GNR is. Open for business but gone for lunch. Bingo at 11. All things considered there just doesn't seem to be much to gain. They have money, they are legends, there's no real way to increase the
  4. CD II was probably finished up to the standard of CD without mixing and mastering maybe. Ron said he played on many more finished songs not on CD. Axl was looking to release CD II in 2010. He wasn't talking about more recording in 08 chats. Its more that the record company didn't want to release it. CD proved to them there was no money in it without a Best Buy type deal. They could say get Slash but even then it's not this huge deal for them anymore. Unless GNR hire a pushy industry manager they are only doing what they want. Thats if the industry exists in the way it used to at all anymore. S
  5. One in a Million and hanging out with Michael Jackson, GNR really were the most dangerous band in the world.
  6. The opening of Like a Prayer sounds a lot like the intro to Jungle.
  7. I always felt it was more the fans not accepting it's for the most part just music and that it can't always be picture perfect mystique and mega hits. Most bands continue in semi obscurity playing the same 3 hits they have.
  8. To be fair that was said before Better leaked or If the World, TIL, Sorry, Prostitute. Axl saying CD II was meaner and nastier is about right. There even less single options. Maybe Atlas or Perhaps but given the landscape. I guess if everything is re-recorded in an 80s hard rock way then it might shake something loose. But CD infused with hard rock might be more exciting. And bring back the looser 70s arrangements. Atlas is easily the most unique song GNR have, maybe along with Easy. Both have a magic that you can't explain.
  9. The vaccination program will include a Krispy Kreme and a guidebook to One in a Million. And a scientist and a lab need to be involved.
  10. Miser should be on every week. The Brasky N Miser Show.
  11. OIAM needs to be listened to in lab with a team scientists to use logic to understand 1989.
  12. wasted

    Coma sucks

    But actually it worked because people who weren't really ready for Estranged or thought Coma was too metal, still had some AFD style rock song to listen to. Back off Bitch, DTJ, YATF, Bad Obsession, Dust N Bones, Live n Let Die, YCBM, Pretty Tied Up. I think if they came out with the pure UYI record then it might have met even more hostility. In a way that is what CD missed, a rocker like YCBM and something more Stonesy. It didn't hedge its bets at all. Id say its all there in CD but the overall sound and style kind of hides those elements. Still its missing Slash and Izzy songs.
  13. wasted

    Coma sucks

    You can argue about its lenghth or lack of tunes but really along with Nov Rain and Estranged, comas and locos set GNR apart from Hair metal bands a new GNR inspired bands that wanted to dethrone them, just the ambition if not the execution of staying was enough to be enough. Then you had Izzys tunes to balance it out.
  14. Its called a new album with a cover with a dollar bill on it. Benjamin Rose.
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