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  1. You realize that by putting "real" in quotes, you're completely altering its meaning? You realize that right? I do believe the word is irony. lol You just keep on being angry over those lack of tweets by Slash & Duff.
  2. JB - I'm familiar with this. That's also the reason I wanted to get clarification from my contact, and waited for several days before publicly commenting. It doesn't seem like Izzy to me, but I know that downliner is saying that it is him. Personally, I'm going with my contact's claim over what downliner is claiming. If he has doubts that this is actually Izzy, so do I. Plus, it contradicts many other things that I've heard. At absolute best, perhaps there's a chance that it is Izzy and some sort of smokescreen. Either way, I'm certain that he'll be playing Vegas. I have no doubts about that whatsoever.
  3. JB - Thx for locking down Miser's "rumor" thread about Coachella being cancelled.. I wasn't sure if it would be considered worthy of additional discussion even though it's been confirmed to be absolutely FALSE. I think that I speak for most "real" fans when I say that we appreciate the deliberate "doom & gloom" threads being shut-down, especially when their sole purpose is to try and piss on a good thing. Thanks again. Appreciated ..
  4. This "rumor" has been confirmed to be FALSE. JB - If I may, I'd recommend locking this one down, unless you deem a rumor, that's been confirmed to be false, worthy of additional discussion.
  5. Within the past week, someone claiming to be Izzy on twitter, tweeted that he would not be involved with the upcoming shows and has not been recording with GNR. It took a several days for me to get a response back from my contact, but here's a cut / paste of what he had to say regarding the matter: "izzy will 100% be playing Las Vegas. I saw the thread you linked me to and I have my doubts that's Izzy for several reasons. And yes, Steven has signed the dotted line for both Vegas shows too. Matt's involvement has still not been decided. Rehearsals are ongoing and I know for certain that Izzy has written material designated for Guns' in recent times. Expect some PR moves from the band in march. It should clear up many misconceptions that some fans seem to have adopted and clarify what's what exactly. All is well."
  6. Considering the word on the street is a little of both (CD era & brand new), I wouldn't write yourself off as being completely uninterested just yet. The arrangements could end up sounding completely different after Slash, Izzy, and Duff put their stamp on it.
  7. I agree that Slash is putting his stamp on material that Axl already has vocals completed for ("Chinese era"). To be fair, it's not just a hunch. Someone connected told me as much. With that said, this same person also stated that Slash, Izzy, and Duff are working on several brand new tracks that are being sent to Axl. Depending on where you stand, best of both worlds, I'd guess.
  8. Exclusive: LA publicist claims guitarist has been laying down material for reunited outfit Slash has reportedly been working on Guns N' Roses material in the studio, according to Arlett Vereecke. The former GNR publicist says recording is "definitely" taking place – although frontman Axl Rose hasn't been involved. She exclusively tells Classic Rock: "I know they’re doing some recording. They’re definitely doing something there in the studio. Axl hasn’t been there, but Slash is definitely in there and it’s not for anyone else." Ex-Guns N' Roses manager Alan Niven also suggests that Duff McKagan and Izzy Stradlin have been working together. He says: “Duff and Izzy were in the studio before Christmas doing stuff. At a casual glance I think they’ve got at least a couple of tracks down." Meanwhile, Vereecke hints the band will play tracks from 2008's Chinese Democracyalong with late-80s and early-90s material when their planned reunion gets underway in April with two Las Vegas shows. They've also scheduled two Mexico City concerts in-between headline appearances at Coachella later in the month. She adds: "It's certainly an amazing production."
  9. I think the upcoming reunion shows are going to be great, to include Axl's voice (maybe not perfect at first). I don't think past tensions or egos will interfere with anything. Izzy and Steven will take the stage in Vegas. I think Axl will take the stage earlier than he did 20 years ago (but probably still an hour later than the announced start time). I believe new material will be introduced early on in the tour - and I also believe that same material will be well received by the fan base. Despite things going well, I think we'll still have a handful here that try to insist that all is wrong in the world of GNR.
  10. You probably have no interest in me because I'm not a 14 years old boy. And you likely realize that you are clearly out of your league when trying to spar with me. I don't expect you to admit it, nor is it necessary. Your posts speak for themselves.
  11. popcorn saber ritz snare - You've have clearly been called out and proven to be the the lying troll that you are. You very clearly claimed to not have stated anything as "fact", and within seconds, I proved you to be a liar once again. You can call it me fixating on sentence phrasings all you like, I call it chasing you back to the hole that you belong in. Just because you think that GNR are behaving like a previous lineup doesn't make it "fact". Once there is more to announce, GNR will be sure to do so, and if they piss you and the rest of your bitch-sisters off in the meantime by not providing you with ample tweets, I'm sure they will live knowing that 3 non-fans won't be in attendance for their shows (and let's face it, I doubt any of you 3 could afford a show to begin with -- especially the guy sporting a teacher's salary). And here you are, once again, erroneously claiming that Slash & Duff are walking on egg-shells, but fail time and time again to substantiate said claims (aka lies). Furthermore, you are suggesting that team Brazil is somehow the puppet master, who is dictating what he is going to be said and when. Again, just more of your blatant troll lies. if you had even the slightest clue as to what you were talking about, you'd know that a committee has been established and everything is being decided by democratic vote. Sorry, no puppet masters here. Maybe it's time for you to find another band that you're NOT a fan of and you can go and troll their fan-site. Your time trolling this forum, under the guise of a concerned fan, has come to an end.
  12. ^ Is this what you say to your 14 year old male students right before you start to caress their shoulder and play the role of caring big brother? Just curious.
  13. That's it? That's all ya got? And in neither of those quotes did I a) say the gag order was fact, b ) the reunion was bad news, or c) that Axl was miserable. You've been spamming those 3 talking points for several days now, and yet, when pressed to show us the quotes which have consumed your life, you can't come up with any. I know you're highly educated and everything, but you have failed my rather simple homework assignment. But I think your responses demonstrate how sensitive and upset you are. In your nerd rage, you have lost touch with reality. I also encourage you to look up what a "figure of speech" is, or what "speaking figuratively" means, as your literal interpretation of my words have upset you and caused you to become highly delusional and unbalanced. I stand by both the quotes I made. Since you seem to be in the middle of a bipolar manic freakout, let me rephrase the two quotes you seem to be so bothered by: Current GnR is operating like nuGnR did, and Duff and Slash are walking on eggshells for Axl to make this happen. Again, I encourage you to not be so literal when reading people's posts. Your whole shtick since you've come back has been... kind of dumb. It's a plain truth fact, lol. GNFNR - Check out the back-pedaling ^ . That's ok. That's exactly what we want. Yesterday, popcorn ritz snare was letting us know "the plain truth" (despite being blatant lies). Within hours of being called out, he was "just having some fun". Now that it's a new day, he's wishing nothing but the best for the band and his concerns were genuine. Like I said, I have this forum's 3 biggest trolls either on the run, in hiding, or back-pedaling like Clinton during the Lewinski deposition. I sense the dawn of a new chapter starting for this forum. Soon, all genuine fans will be able to discuss their happiness about the upcoming shows and new music without having to sift through the pollution that the awkward bunch were trying to force down our throats. Standby.
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