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  1. great interview,cant wait for Thomas Meadow.
  2. Coma is one of my all time favourite rock songs .It is my favourite UYI1 song and number 4 in my top 10 GNR songs .I love everything about it,the riffs,the solo is one of my favourites,the vocals are some of Axls best and the sound effects actually work great for me .I like Coma more than 99% of Apettite for desctruction,the only AFD song that i like more is Paradise city.
  3. AFD-Think about you,You are crazy Lies-One in a million UYI1-Dust N Bones,Back off bitch,Garden of eden,The Garden,Bad apples UYI2-14 years,Pretty tied up
  4. The era was so much better/funnier than the most dangerous regrouping in the world era
  5. great tits are now part of every thread ,i love it ,what a comeback by gunsnfnroses
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