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  1. Blood in the water is horible. Going down is cool and I was amazed with the BBF version of Better, that was pretty good, the rest seems pretty subpar, as with everything from this band in the last 3 years.
  2. I think that up to a certain point Slash is in fact kind of hard to work with, specially now, it's not just some guy that's gonna sing with him, but yeah I mean he's the guy that picks the singer, I don't know how they work the songs out, but I've always gotten the feeling that this was like Snakepit III, basically slash tells them what to do in wich song, I don't think everybody pitches in with chords and ideas, maybe Myles.
  3. That would proove that Going Down is an old song and they probably just overdubbed it. Still an ok song, if they'd taken out those gay ass electric drums in the beggining I'd like it even more, but it still is a good song. Ron's version of Better is really good. Ashba's is crap.
  4. Shit i don't have blood in the water and better gone, can somebody pm me the links?
  5. I've always felt that alot of Axl's frustration during 1994/96 came from the lack of ability from the other guys of adapting new genres of music, and in a way that makes me happy because we didn't get like a nine inch nails sort of thing coming from GN'R, but in another way, sad because they all had tremendous capability of performing and Izzy was back in making tunes with Duff, but then Slash got out... The only reason why they broke up was because they couldn't manage to tell each other what they really felt about everything that was bothering them. I always thought that in Axl's head he never considered asking the original members of the band to give him the bands name a bad thing like a "fuck you" to Duff and Slash, if he'd talked to them or if the other ones made an effort to try and understand why he did that, we'd still have GN'R. Heck even Slash says it on his book, the reason why they broke up was because of the lack of comunication. It's plain retarded to think how the best band in the world came to an end over something so trivial and stupid. tl;dr - long rant about Slash and Duff and Axl... Anyway, on the acutal topic, The only reason why nobody will do anything now, you know, the actual members of what is now called Guns N Roses, is because the pay check at the end of the month is fucking good. I wouldn't care if I had to take shit from Axl if he'd pay me by the end of the month a shit ton of money. They can't do anything because Axl will fire them if they get on his nerves alot. Why do you think BBF shut up after all the shit that went down and the Soundchecks and rehearsals on the Vegas shows?? I mean, they can still go and record music for another album and hope that Axl will pop up sometime during their recording session. It's not about the music, it's about the money.
  6. Ohh, for gods fucking sake, will he drop Myles for once! The dude can't sing, sounds like he inhaled a whole tube of helium before he does a show. Just get another guy, he's the only reason why I refuse to listen to his last album, whatever it's name is...
  7. LOL at the people complaining about the Rio show... It was just another New GnR show.... When the singer doesn't practice his voice before the show or rehearse at all with the band, shit will happen, and that's why everything since Rio has been shit. Axl was awesome at the show i went back in 2009 or 2010, i can't remember the date, but I do remember being extremely surprised...It sounded like he had his old voice back, from 1993. And holy shit, did he hit those high notes on Nice Boys!
  8. Big day in music history, first time Slash, Steve and Axl shared the stage. 1984 was long ago , I'm getting old... shit.
  9. arnold was right, Floyd might be the best band ever.

    1. Beast Of Bray Rd

      Beast Of Bray Rd

      Overly nice, supportive comment.

  10. Oh dear god the arguments are so fucking old, I cannot be fucking bothered with this shit anymore. Old Guns vs New Guns debates are retarded, you either like'em or you don't, whats so hard to understand about it? After a year of listening to Broski's delusional stupidity and idiotic thoughts on what "GnR" stands for these days, I really don't care anymore about any of that crap, so I've pinned it downto this, you can like both bands, you can like the old, original lineup or you can like the new line up, I dont give a shit. Geez, did people make all this fuss when Deep Purple traded singers? For fucks sake just end it man, nobody gives a shit about your opinions, just keep'em to your self (aahaha).
  11. My favorite performance by the original line up is from is the Felt Forum in 1988, the nakano sunplaza show is also really good. It really is a shame that they didn't record professionally shows from back then, both with video and audio recorders of quality I also like Indiana 1991 a lot, heck I love the whole UYI tour. I liked the show I saw back in 2009 or 2010 with the old line up that I attended. Axl's voice was mean in that show.
  12. I don't think he looks bad on the photos from this year or last year for that matter, but I do agree with you that jacket is really ugly :S But I think he's aged very nicely, and in fact I'll go as far as saying he doesn't even look as old as 50 I'd give him 45 tops. I always laugh at people saying "Oh look at that fat ass" I'd like to see them when they turn 51. The only thing I'd have him take off is that fucking biker thing he's got going on his beard... that shit oughta go.
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