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  1. The Arvizo kid slept in his room twice - both times with another adult present. The said adult testified at the trial where MJ was acquitted. Not even the most ardent of MJ guiltists believe the Arvizo case. Wade Robson only ever visited Neverland four times as a kid - he admitted as much in his deposition whilst trying to wrangle millions from MJs estate. He would claim ridiculous things like hanging out with MJ at a recording studio and MJ molesting him in the coffee room where anybody could walk in at any time. MJ spent A LOT of time with girls of a similar age, ther
  2. I'm not saying it's normal. It was wildly inappropriate. But the fact that he shared his bed with people of all ages and sexes does somewhat undermine the guiltist narrative that he was only interested in grooming young boys to share his bed.
  3. He actually shared his bed with girls and grown adults of both sexes too, not just boys. It's also worth remembering that his master bedroom at Neverland was the size of most peoples entire homes.
  4. MJ was innocent. He was also the most talented human being to ever walk the earth.
  5. It's okay, you didn't say This I Love, your ass is safe for now.
  6. I know it's trendy to shit on it but I love it. Wouldn't change a thing.
  7. I always thought Don't Damn Me was overrated. It wouldn't make my top ten UYI tracks.
  8. I think Slash is probably inwardly facepalming at that shit, but Axl and Muff are fucked, their balls having been completely neutered and cowering in a corner petrified of the day #MeToo comes knocking at their door. As for the fanbase, I think it's a mixed bag. Woke libtard feminazis are on the warpath these days and are slowly taking over the world with their sandy vaginas infesting every demographic imagineable. You'll probably find the KKK taking a recruitment drive for more BAME members in 2021.
  9. Are they though? Axl and Muff McKagan have become nauseatingly woke, but I don't think the fans have. Unless of course you're referring to the casual fans who just want to cross seeing SCOM live off their bucketlist?
  10. It's depressing that this thread is genuinely the most entertaining thing I've seen on a GNR forum in about a decade.
  11. Can't be more shit than GNR circa 2018-2020. Go for it, I say.
  12. Who else is super excited for this? A-star talent right here, DJ and Gibson together at last, the collaboration we've all dreamed of. ΛSHBΛ on Instagram: “Creating some magic with @debbiegibson #makeitsleazy #sundayfunday 🤣”
  13. As an ugly tattooed fatty myself, this thread pisses me off.
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