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  1. Oh look at me ... I'm special ! Don't worry, we all agree, you're doing well .. For somebody with mild Down syndrome !
  2. You've heard your nan eating right ? Slop slop slurp ! Exactly this ...
  3. How did Cardi's dad get his mum pregnant ? He spunked in the gutter and the flies did the rest!
  4. Fuck Tommy! Remember when he was stuck in the snow at Heathrow? I kinda pissed him off , poor Tommy !
  5. Let's face it , he's only interested in what this weeks special is at Maccy Ds.....
  6. Ok ! So I'm DeathCubeK - I'm 38 -was 10 when I saw GnR at Donnington (my parents are awesome) - Got a job with Thomas Lighting in 1990 ( luckily got to be a lighting tech) for stage shows - Got the chance to be part of the European legs of the UYI tour for nearly 2 yrs ( yes they were awesome days) - Named my first daughter Izzy - Been a GnR fan since I knew what music was - Bought CD and felt dirty ( love some songs hate the rest ) - Couldn't really care about any of the piss poor left-overs from CD - HOF ? Couldn't care less about the ginger twat now ! As long as the other 4 get some sort of a *nod* for their efforts ! - Sad to see a once awesome band *name* dragged through piles of shit because of 1 wanker who has no respect for the guys that made his fortune - Hate all you fuckers that * believe* this nu band are awesome ( haha ) you got the the arse end of a once great band / legacy how fuckin pissed are you ! Ain't it fun !
  7. 2 hours 25 mins late .............. Hahahaha ..... Andre still trying to compete in the biggest bullshitter of the decade award . Sorry Andre you fail again . BAN PLS MODS ?
  8. What's the score ? A little bit off topic. But as this topic will be deleted soon, I might as well catch you up with the fact that the match has just started, so it´s still 0-0. And on topic. Well....if you´ve been through this since 1999, you know what to expect when random people make random threads about "leaks". There are no leaks out there. There are no hoarders. There are no other songs than the ones in Axl´s basement. Cheers dude , don't worry about off topic this thread will get locked anyways . Lol new leaks .
  9. And then there was nothing ............. WAIT ! Nah , still fuck all hahahaha
  10. 14 mins and counting......... Tick tock tick tock .......
  11. Is the link to this been posted on MYGNR yet ? I do hope so .............
  12. Fuckin brilliant job guys ! You all sounded awesome ! Prefer this to nu-guns version lol. And yes SLAA you rock .
  13. The Broski fan-club has a new member. Lol.
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