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  1. It was really a cool tweet. I hope the press catches up on this part of the story too.
  2. Nobody ever said Axl didn't care about money at all, just not at any personal cost. And I think promoting the 1991 lineup at this particular time could be categorized as "any cost" (in his mind). ummmm ok, whatever. If he cares about the fucking money then keep it. That's what I would do. That's what most people would do, and should do. What do you mean by "categorized as "any cost" (in his mind)"? don't really understand that. I said he won't make money at any cost (like admitting defeat and doing a reunion or whatever) and I think this is such a case, where he feels the drawbacks would be too big for him personally.
  3. Nobody ever said Axl didn't care about money at all, just not at any personal cost. And I think promoting the 1991 lineup at this particular time could be categorized as "any cost" (in his mind).
  4. Wtf, Axl sounds like he does on the record here.
  5. I am almost think he sound high in that answer.
  6. Not sure if his former girlfriends/wife would agree with your statement of Axl being a good person... Not sure if inciting to riots, or doing nothing to prevent them like in St. Louis is something a good person would do. (James Hetfield said Axl was backstage like Nero watching Rome burning, he seemed to enjoy the riot). Or running your mouth to the press when Slash tried to meet him in 2005... That was so low. The 'cancer' thing was really disgusting too... I like Axl, but I wouldn't say he's a good person. What would James Hetfield know about St Louis? And it sounds nothing like Slash's account in his book either. At Montreal, wasn't James in the hospital?
  7. Changes, your selfrighteousness is boring. I didn't accuse him of lying in the interview. The interviewer said that he didn't change anything. He transcribed it as was. While Marc said that in HIS OWN WORDS that "words were put in his mouth" and "twisted" . Read my posts more carefully. Regarding the fact that the others are great, you haven't been reading the Slash section I guess or my posts carefully like I said above. So stop twisting my intentions and my phrasings. You love Axl no matter what. We get it. We got from your pissy reactions about the people's reactions to the Axl letter. Just like as I don't acknowledge or reply to any of your posts as I don't appreciate your racist comments in the past, I would prefer if you did the same with mine. This is the last time I will reply to you. My racist what..? I remember you starting a thread about a Swedish comedy clip from a TV show, which you perceived as a serious message supported by the government. I disputed that by saying the TV network in question was independent which you refused to believe. I then said it was not very hard to understand your belief since your country has had problems with corruption that my country has not. That is not racist, that is just pure fact. I also remember you saying something derogatory about Swedish people you had met in Greece which I replied to by saying I on the other hand have a very positive view on Greek people from my vacation there. When the hell have I been racist?! And how are YOU any less racist in your view on Swedes in these two cases? I don't even love Axl, I am completely uninterested in his new band and I want a reunion. But it is impossible not to react to the hatred on this board. You actually said in this thread "I too seem to feel that Marc is way to impartial in his comments as if he is trying to suppress his own opinion", which was in regards to nice comments about Axl. You also stated Axl was a bitter old man and an asshole, you brought up a quote about Axl's drug use which I have no doubt was not to paint him in a positive light, and you also actually asked Marc if Axl really sued him because of the book. This is a regular thread, you do this every day. But you are right, let's not ever communicate again.
  8. I think Axl has had closure for years, it is the rest of the butt hurt fans and the band that can't move on. Someone that is as obsessed and full of hatred as Axl is does not have closure. And exactly who in the band has not moved on? As far as "butt hurt" fans goes how does it feel? Exactly. I feel sorry for him. i hope he can let it go and find peace. Although we don't actually know if he is full of hatred or not. We don't know anything about his emotional life and we need to understand that. Marc Canter has his view of it but he also hasn't been close to Axl since 2006.
  9. That truly was the greatest GN'R interview ever! And kostabi, you are fucking obsessed with your Axl hatred.You spend all day every day on a board spinning EVERYTHING as if Axl was evil. You claim to love the other guys but I have almost never seen you make a post where you don't put them against Axl, and the real message is always that Axl is an idiot, never that the others are great. Marc says some really great things about Axl in the interview and he is even present here and you have the nerve to accuse him of sugarcoating and lying in the interview? Give it a rest.
  10. Can't you guys accept any of the letter there? Axl is very humble and apologetic, it seems like he is trying and he admits he was scared of what was going to be the reaction earlier. He cares. He couldn't handle going to the ceremony, probably for various emotional reasons, and we have to accept that. It turned out fine anyway. Would any of you guys seriously be able to cope with negative feedback and hatred from literally millions of people? Just think about it. Or really don't, because none of us can grasp the concept of being worldwide famous. Only a few people in the world can. He is used to much worse feedback and there was a considerable amount of positive articles and celebrity tweets about him. Maybe it was relatively positive to him. Or maybe he is just a human being who is not strong enough to have thousands of people screaming at him that he is a terrible human being.
  11. it is a weird and scary although sweet letter, but I was really saddened by the "unbelievably relieved" part. He really does care what people say and think but he just can't get people to like him. It's a bit like kids with ADHD or something like that.
  12. Really Axl? So you don't owe us anything? What if we (the fans) listen to you? How many people will come for your shows if all those who only buy the ticket for sentimental reasons (because of the sympathy and gratitude for who you once were) back off? A 100? All that you have now, all the income you get, the fact that you can actually pay for the love and devotion of your house keeper and your remote toilet, all that comes from the fact that millions of people believe you deserve your own personal happy ending at their expense. If you think it is thanks to your godly achievements during the last years or the quality of the show you give, you are entirely delusional. That little piece of the letter was really irritating. Cut and paste: This Axl owes the fans bullshit is getting out of hand. "We made you rich" is a common statement. That is correct. But nobody gave up fucking anything for that. We didn't make Axl rich out of charity or concern for his well-being. We paid 10 or 20 bucks for an album because we thought it was worth just that. We thought we got value for that amount of money back by that transaction. We did it out of pure egoistical reasons. We, us here on this board, probably would have paid even more to get to hear AFD for example, so there was really a value surplus for us in the transaction too. A consequence of us voluntarily paying for something we wanted was that Axl became rich. But NOBODY of us gave up anything for him to become rich, we all became richer by this music, right? So why should he give up parts of his life for us? To give us a few minutes of entertainment and amusement before life went back to normal again? He probably felt his life would not get back to normal again if he did that, on the other hand. If that is not what he wanted with his life, symbolically performing or appearing with people he left behind for personal reasons, then we have no right to demand that. For us to see Slash and Axl reconcile is just entertainment, like the drama of a soap opera. It has no personal meaning to us. The grudge might be petty or it might not be, but we have no right to judge people we don't even know and are not even affected by personally. Axl has every right to hold his grudge no matter how we as an audience feel about it. We. Don't. Know. Him.
  13. Yeah what was that all about?! And pleeeeease can we not make this about Axl Rose. It was cool as fuck either way.
  14. This is the internet. not the TMS. If you dont like this convo or if axl doesnt like this convo simply stay.out of it. Moral doesn't exist on the internet?
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