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  1. I'll believe it when I see confirmation. It'd make little sense given the nature of the release.
  2. I suspect it's also a much more reasonable collection if stupid Guns N' Roses fans didn't hold shitty demos and bootlegs in such high regard. The label probably has no idea or interest that most of the stuff has been fired about in the past. That said, that only excuses about a third of the release.
  3. I understand disappointment at remastering a load of old songs and outtakes with nothing new, but anyone saying "fuck this band" for putting out a big collection of high quality tracks is a moron. Shit, sure, but it's hardly a bad thing.
  4. But like... it quite literally says it's from the 1986 sessions.
  5. Presumably the released Shadow Of Your Love is one of the Sound City sessions? If the quality is anything to go by, that's good going. I mean it's still shit, obviously, there are like three or four worthwhile tracks, but in typical Guns N' Roses fashion, it's better than nothing. Actual quality versions of acoustic November Rain, Jumpin' Jack Flash, and the likes, is great, but five discs and repetition is unnecessary. But hey, if people wanna pay for it. I'll happily scoop it all up and probably not listen to most ofit. It seems bizarre they're only chucking on an instrumental of Ain't Going Down as well, shit.
  6. Well fuck a doodle doo Shadow Of Your Love was better than it had any right to be. Cocks out gentlemen.
  7. Where is this shit that this costs so much? It's £170 is it not?
  8. Finally Tracii Guns will get some royalties. It's so fucking wonderful, the new single is a 34-year-old song. I didn't think it was possible but we may have reached a new peak.
  9. There's also a load of locations on the website now, but it seems there are a disproportionate number of dots in Japan.
  10. His ability to write a wall of text without actually saying anything. It's how I learnt to play Mafia.
  11. "Rourke's trainer is still yet to recover his shoe having kicked it into Axl's fat ass."
  12. Certainly covers a lot of Tuesdays.
  13. Felippo SoloDallas Olivieri? #TeamBrazil codename if I've ever heard one.
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