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  1. Leaks of all shapes and sizes, good and shitty, get my jimmies going. It brings me right back to 2006 and 2008, if for a brief moment of myopia.
  2. I'm quite looking forward to the acoustic tracks now. Couldn't give a flying fuck about anything else if it sounds like the '86 Jungle.
  3. Move To The City great Welcome To The Jungle awful This is what we know about Super Deluxe so far.
  4. I've got studio versions of: - Free Falling Attitude The Seeker And in more exciting leaky goodness: - Shadow Of Your Love (2016) Heartbreak Hotel (2016) In Berlin (Demo) This I Love (1993)
  5. Y'all saying this is a result of an anti-Trump standpoint, ignoring the fact that Axl can't face life without Mexican food and has to tread lightly.
  6. Low quality audio Recorded on a potato Sloppy and loose Some less than capable musicians RAW AS IT SHOULD BE Cracking Jokes This is the 1986 of NuGnR. And it's delightful.
  7. TIL it's pronounced Paul Hewgy, not Paul Huge.
  8. House Of Blues was the death of Axl Rose. Rock In Rio was the birth of aXL NuRose.
  9. I like to think you didn't even need to look that up, you already knew the timestamp.
  10. SOYL sounded alright at Download from the 30s I heard of it.
  11. Imagine seeing Steven Adler's hairy, track marked, deflated ass bobbing up and down. Now you know why.
  12. Imagine seeing Steven Adler's hairy, track marked, deflated ass bobbing up and down. Now you know why.
  13. GNFNR officially older than actual Guns N' Roses
  14. "Shadow of yuh... shadow ofugh.... shadow....shad... OW!"
  15. Much appreciated. So really, the only worthwhile things are the Vinyl records themselves if you're into that.
  16. What is it you get in the $999 Edition rather than the $170 one?
  17. The worst part of Guns N' Roses happenings is that they bring the Guns N' Roses fans out of the woodwork.

  18. So trigger happy How is it ripping off the fanbase? It's not like you can't hear these tracks without forking out the cash. If someone wants to pay it, let them pay for it. It doesn't change your day. I'm not praising it, I just don't think it's this ridiculous slap in the face. It's not the label or Guns N' Roses' fault that fans have been wanking themselves to death over shit bootleg mp3s and YouTube videos of old unreleased tracks. I think you're a moron if it riles you up, which going by your offended reaction to what I originally said... Of course I've no doubt you'll spin this as me being some fanboy who's defending everything this precious shit band does.
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