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  1. This album just leaked. Is anyone looking forward to it in particular? -Conor-
  2. Everything's simply too dark. Something a bit brighter wouldn't go a miss
  3. I remember reading about a method that involves inverting the sound you want removed, which would be the riff (not sure how to tackle the hoo"s), and you can cancel it out or something. That said, it would still be annoyingly quiet. But that hidden solo is toying with me.
  4. Nightrain solo is his best. There's something about that song that every line-up seems to nail.
  5. Shackler's Revenge was different because it was one of the songs that came with the game, before they encrypted. As far as I know, any future songs after the games release had this encryption. They'll catch light, encrypt it different, and it'll get cracked again, and the circle will continue. That is absolutely brand new information to me.
  6. Red hand cover is a million times better than that stupid bike anyway.
  7. I'll have a word with him about it. In all seriousness, there's a fair chance Irving has been a prick. We all know Axl's supposedly hard to work with. As always, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and all, but what pisses me off are people's responses to this. We probably wouldn't seen the album on Rock Band, or the album at all if it wasn't for Azoff, regardless of what's he's done now. People jump on this as an excuse for everything that hasn't happened with the band in the last two years.
  8. At least they can ironically underline their own problems.
  9. Of course we will, probably about a week or so after.
  10. The responses to this on the other forums have actually irritated me with their sheer stupidity.
  11. Well, if there's no album or tour, the next most Axl-like thing to do is involve himself a lawsuit.
  12. I lol'd. Izzy's got some great stuff, although I can't help but feel (as with all the former Gunners) that it's missing that extra something. That said, awesome body of material. There's a lot of 'if only' songs.
  13. I think this would've made a much better cover
  14. This is the only time I listen to that song, I think it's a weak link on Appetite, but that's a great performance.
  15. There must be some way to get what's under the vocal track, even if it is low quality. I assume it's got to be a similar process to removing the AIM and MSN noises from the Chinese Democracy leaks just before the album came out.
  16. Well my god I feel patriotic for America after that, and I'm from Ireland. U-S-A, U-S-A! Come on, the guy walks off into the distance with a horse and a gun. If that doesn't show leadership I don't know what does.
  17. Damn those thugs and criminals not giving a rip about Alabama. How do I vote for this man? And too be fair, if some illegal immigrant can come into the country without speaking the language or having any skills, and he's stolen your job, maybe you're just a bit shit. I thank Jimmy Carr for that last bit.
  18. If Scott came back (which I don't believe he will), I'd like a Contraband-esque album from VR. That said, I'm happy to leave their body of work as it is, and go for Snakepit Round Three. Axl, Slash, Gilby, Izzy, Duff, Steven (or Matt, I don't really care), Teddy Zig Zag and Dizzy Reed. New Guns structure meets Old Guns. It's a million dollar idea.
  19. I'm interested in hearing his Shackler's solo. I swear to god there is something under the vocal track that isn't Bumble's version.
  20. My ticket arrived for his show in Belfast on 30th June, should be great, it's a really small venue of about 1000ish people. I can't wait
  21. I really didn't like his live stuff, but I think his stuff on the album is great. Looking forward to the SRV on the next record.
  22. Short version of it is that people have them, but promised not to share anything until given the go ahead. In the mean time, here's a Better Multitrack Clip
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