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  1. Remember when Axl brought his personal burger truck with him to Jimmy Kimmel, and out of embarassment he pretended he brought it to share with the audience?
  2. Lads, let’s be honest. It fucking sucks, it’s a dirt song, easily in their worst batch. But it’s cool they’ve released SOMETHING. It’s the hope that kills you.
  3. All part of Axl’s grand plan to ensure Chinese Democracy isn’t the worst part of the Guns N’ Roses legacy.
  4. I truly appreciate the shithousery of releasing that as their first single.
  5. Well that was certainly something. Fucking dreadful, but certainly something. As much as you could ask for in 2021 really.
  6. Congratulations to Axl for being revealed as the new star of Playstation’s Horizon franchise.
  7. Conor

    Me to

    I guess the only thing worse than replying to a shitheap on a Guns N' Roses forum on a Saturday, is starting the thread. And then replying to it. Multiple times.
  8. Is the section on the right a permanent feature or can that be removed? I might be missing something obvious because I've obviously not been on the internet in two years.
  9. I am? You speak the truth though, Fozzy suck and I'm amazed he's kept it going this long. I guess money isn't an issue.
  10. Hot damn. Who’d have thought... All the kudos in the world to @John Bonham.
  11. Yeah it's weird, all the radio promos here are saying the same. But I suspect that just means "IT'S NOT THE SAME STAGE AS TWO YEARS AGO PLEASE BUY TICKETS" I'll go if they play new music before then, to embrace the shit.
  12. Guns N' Roses trying their best to make the Not In This Lifetime Tour last an entire lifetime.
  13. I adore the thought of Devious Bastard or Dummy slowly leading into This I Love on the album
  14. We could've had a 2000/01 WWF video package use one of these songs if it wasn't for that lazy fuck. Unforgivable that fat fuck off riff in dummy being used to clips of austin and triple h beating the fuck out of each other fuck you axl
  15. God fucking damn these are some quality instrumentals. All you can really say is they've good potential at this stage... but fuck.
  16. I unironically like Axl's take on Slither. If he could actually get the performance down it'd be swell.
  17. Now that's not fair. They changed the setlist to add Black Hole Sun when Chris Cornell died. That was good.
  18. I mean, I'm willing to admit that there are some very brief similarities at a glimpse of the Smells Like Teen Spirit riff in Quick Song, but to call it a rip off or anything more than an extremely fleeting comparison is naff.
  19. Conor

    Eye On You

    I'd like to speak to @John Bonham please re: the above
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