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  1. PM'ing Bacardi and voting for SONOFABROSKI would really irritate Jarmo.

  2. Mötley Crüe is the fakest big rock band out there and they are a disgrace to rock n' roll. If God would exist, Mötley Crüe would not.
  4. Wow, big insider information, like totally!!!!!!!111111 Of course he is out of the band. All the members are legally out of the band soon after they stop rehearsing or stop touring. Business as usual. They will all be back later with a new contract.
  5. That's why I answered to the ones that were not quoted. And even if you didn't write any of it, it doesn't matter, my opinion is still the same. I think it's exactly what it is. The driver got lost for half an hour. I seriously doubt he has the same driver in every 100 countries. They need a local driver to deal with the local traffic rules and to find the local venues better. I think you are reaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllyyyyyyyyyyyy exaggerating WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much and I think your opinions regarding the matter are ridiculous.
  6. How can you possibly twist this into Bumblefoot is frustrated with Axl? He's just being honest, there are no fuckin band pics and there should be, and he was talking about his driver being a bad driver. So fucking what? Axl probably agrees with all of the things he said.
  7. Come on... I don't believe a word of it.
  8. Most of those questions are excellent and well shaped. Surprising coming from one of the all-time most annoying forum trolls.
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