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  1. That’s not even eye makeup. It’s just the shadow from forehead fat.
  2. It's a phenomenal album. Speed of Pain is a favourite. I loved pretty much everything up to Holywood and haven't really listened to much after that. AntiChrist Superstar is a fucking classic though.
  3. I'm good man. I'm going to hang my award in the downstairs shitter where Kate Winslet keeps her Oscar.
  4. So what's the story with Mags? Last I heard of him he was working in some posh school and wasn't insane.
  5. All these new names. I’m not even sure who I’m getting insulted by anymore.
  6. In a world of chaos it’s nice to see that some things remain constant.
  7. For a YEAR? Got my tax statement about a month ago and it was nearly $14,000 in your money!!! Damn! I need to move to Canadia!!!!
  8. The AC/DC forums are actually surprisingly excited by the news. Lots of people looking forward to these shows.
  9. Some random dude yelled at me at the aftershow because "your buddy was ruining everybody's night jumping all over the place waving his arms about". I asked him what the fuck he expected to see in the pit at a Guns n Roses gig and he shut right the fuck up.
  10. Clearly bad luck on the night of a show. Had he said "The Scottish Play" all would've been well.
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