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  1. This road is spoken about in gypsy folklore. It is said to be the Gate to Gypsy Hell. Mystics say on mild, damp evenings..you will never see a Gypsy. It is dangerous for them.
  2. Could've managed the band and got out several albums..if only he had been given the chance.
  3. I've had this thought for a little bit now. IRS has it all. I enjoy almost every single version they did. The vocals, the lyrics. It's fun. It's silly Axl anger fun. Gonna call the president. Picture the screaming demon from rock am ring or any other 10/10 performances from 06 of IRS. IRS is top tier, you know its true.
  4. In all communities there's always a Milhouse type dude. Jarmo is the Milhouse dude here. He's also someone you look at and can immediately say without doubt - he was bullied at school.
  5. If its out there not making money, Alex will eventually make his fat moves to make sure he's making again. State of Grace reworked next.
  6. What makes his posts have a dark twist is he is taking all of the photos posted. Some times with consent, sometimes he just lurks in the bushes..
  7. Bumblefoot's guitars suck > Elvises discography
  9. What can I do? When there's so many diners, that fill up your plates and ruin the waistliners. Eat out! FAT ALEX GOT YA
  10. In the goat part where the gypsy fucks the goat. NINie.
  11. State of Grace is Axel tries NIN. Its actually awesome. If we ever get another version, I suspect this one will still be the best.
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