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  1. Well they were pretty much giving it away... Hmmm, GNR Greatest Hits or a gum-ball? Yeah how doesn't a Cd be in the top 3 if its 25 cents Chinese democracy wasnt when it was like 1.99 Ahhh he does have a point...
  2. lol This part cracked me up as well.
  3. This. Guns N' Roses in an original line up would sell out fucken stadiums all over the world.......
  4. Would love to hear this... Wink wink.
  5. Lol that's not the label's job. The label lured in some of the best producers in the business. Not sure what else they could have done on the songwriting side really, that's what the band is for, unless Axl wanted to hire a co-writer/ghost-writer.
  6. That actually backs up another story about how the record company hated OMG and all the other stuff in the pipeline and Axl was ordered to re-think everything he was planning. That must have killed his confidence. Sorry but that part is a joke. Axl had no help from anyone at the label?? Who fucken funded the record to the tune of 13 million dollars? Look at all the studios that the album was recorded in, did Axl fund those? What about the countless managers that were fired? The world renowned producers that either left or were let go? What more help could the record label have possibly given?
  7. Young_Gun

    Axl vs Ron

    It is absolutely no contest at all.. Ron cannot reach the vocal highs and give the delivery that Axl does. not even close.
  8. Okkkk, so if they play an Appetite heavy set, they are a nostalgia act, but if they add new songs from the last and previous albums(Shacklers, Estranged and Civil War) they are desperate? Good one
  9. Rumour has it, that some remixed track very similar to the General was played in a portuguese nightclub in Lisbon this year. How do you know it's similar to The General if you never heard The General? We aren't even sure if what is played at the beginnings of shows is an intro, a part of an actual song, or just Axl took the parts recorded for that song and remixed them into this. It was this riff people tacked about not that intro, the video says it's checkmate but I no longer know if it's the same song or another one. But it was this riff and vocals people talked about. This is a song with a working title "Jackie Chan" which leaked in 2007, but only this part leaked (+ 1,5 sec in better quality with different lyrics [fucking hoarders]). It is a different song from The General. The full version of this song is out there in at least 2 versions. Highly doubt that. I meant 2 different leaks (like TWAT '99, '06 and '08). It must be true, because, as I said, the part with "all in goo-" lyrics sounds like the newer leaks, while the other part sounds like the '99 ones. I do believe the full track was out there to some extent a long time ago. But the story is that the hoarder who had it was raided by the Feds or something like that? I heard another guy said he would help Guns get the track back in return for meeting the band or some perks, and when he did, he heard nothing from band or management. The initial 16 second leak was put out to scare Guns and also to muster up interest from other hoarders. Maybe someone can elaborate?
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