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  1. I can't see his avatar since I'm on my phone, but Dazey obviously needs to be banned for eternity. As well as BS.
  2. Just saw Adler and his band of hacks at Melrose Ave here in West Hollywood. Seriously though, his two band mates (I'm assuming they were) looked like the biggest fags ever. Worse than Ashba. One of them gave me this weird smile. I feel violated.
  3. Yeah, so what? It's not rare at all. I'd advise you to chance the title before I ban you.
  4. Izzy most likely won't either. So, there no Izzy, no Axl, and if Axl doesn't go Dizzy probably won't go either. 3 guy's from the old line-up won't be present. Slash and Steven will probably be there promoting their new albums, Duff probably will talk the most, and Matt would just be standing in the background. Those four will play with fuckin' Kid Rock, and after all is said and done, the blame will be put on one man: Axl Rose. The most likely scenario.
  5. The only good song Pink Floyd's ever made is Stairway to Heaven. /thread
  6. I gave in and bought tickets for the Ritz show through StubHub. Can't wait
  7. So, both the VIP packages for The Ritz sold out in like 3 minutes. I HAVE to get tickets for this show.. Fuck
  8. Fake, but a very good one that is. Had me believing for a second!
  9. IF the cover is fake, the guy has not only done one hell of a Photoshop-job, but also a great research. Hmm..
  10. From what it sounds/looks like, the ticket selling it going to be done through GunsNRoses.com. So, whenever it shows up on there, I'm sure you'll know and you shouldn't have any problem grabbing some tickets. Cool, thanks. If I manage to get tickets to this show, I'll be the happiest guy alive .
  11. This is awesome news for me. Couldn't be better! I'll be trying to get tickets for the Ritz show. Would love to get some through the pre-sale though, because I'm not that familiar with buying tickets in foreign countries.
  12. Holy fuck, I'm in New York at that time! How do I get to buy tickets at the pre-sale? I HAVE to see one of these shows!!
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