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  1. I hope you get permabanned soon

  2. i hope you die soon

  3. you are the best. most of the other posters are CUNTS who don't deserve to breathe

  4. even waxl makes the distinction between "old gnr" and "new gnr" as he said recently... if it was the same band, waxl wouldn't make such a distinction he's a crook, period.
  5. it doesn't matter whether dizzy reed is being inducted or not waxl started a new band with dizzy in it, that's how it is axl's current "band" has nothing to do with gnr, THE FRAUD IS OBVIOUSLY NOT GUNS N'ROSES
  6. izzy stradlin: "Well, it's obviously not Guns N' Roses. I think all the fans know that. It's not even right that he uses the name, because he's the only guy left." this is the real deal, not some revisionist crap by corrupted axlites
  7. gnr was an association back in 1986-1987 until 1993, it wasn't "axl's band"
  8. i think they are ready to become a sect, a new branch davidians
  9. waxl is 50... he's a classic now... a classic douche

  10. the video for estranged is the most ridiculous thing i'veever seen... fuck axl's dolphins, they suck so much!!!!

    1. Coltrane


      the dolphins should have let waxl die

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