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  1. 21% of Mr. Broskirose's followers are also fake. 19% of bacardi's are fake. 15% of JB's are fake. Many people who have over 1 Mill followers have the majority of them being fake. Usually because the more popular you are, the more spam bots will follow you. Only 26% of Obama's followers are real, apparently. Assuming this app for figuring it out if accurate, of course.
  2. I've never actually seen Gunzen do anything but whine. Maybe if you made some proper posts this would actually mean something.
  3. Ain't Life Grand > Contraband > It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere > Apocalyptic Love > Slash > Libertad AL is pretty close to I5OCS for me.
  4. John Frusciante, Tom Morello, Jimmy Page, Slash, Joe Perry, Dean DeLeo, Zakk Wylde. Daron Malakian and Munky are the ones crouching.
  5. FuddMckagan


    DJ, hot? No, just no.
  6. bacardi still doesn't have timeline on FB. What is this wizardry.

  7. As is his leg wasn't fucked up enough already.
  8. Liking it so far. Not overly keen on One Last Thrill, Hard And Fast or Far And Away at the moment. Anastasia. Holy shit. So good! I'm really digging Bad Rain at the moment. I think I'll love this album after a few more listens
  9. I honestly wouldn't mind if Slash left/got fired from VR. It would mean they would actually make more music.
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