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  1. When’s the next episode? I need to pencil in a reason to live before football next weekend.
  2. This forum is full of my frens, happy

  3. I eated too much pidser

  4. Moby > Axl

    1. Ragnar


      Moby can get stomped by Obie. Thirty six-year-old bald-headed fag.....

    2. Monkey


      Yeah, Eminem is really stupid. 

    3. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      Nah, both of them are overrated faggots

  5. Denise Richards was too good looking to me. I wonder if that’s what she actually looked like. But her nose reminded me of Michael Jackson and she’s got Joker mouth. Excellent rack though. Yasmin may be a porker but I bet she’s fun to hang out with at least.
  6. Girls turn Monkey into chimp

  7. They played like 20 shows and smart phones weren’t invented
  8. Thank you fatcast, you continue to delay my trip to the suicide booth
  9. Cover is better than the terrible red one. Terrible business/band. No bananas for you.
  10. Borki I think it was really knows his stuff
  11. Listening now. Thanks Brasky, I need a distraction while I’m bedridden
  12. Sounds like time and energy better spent eating pizza
  13. All this means is Brain and Melissa are going to collaborate on something #rad Why do you guys follow this shit band
  14. I’d fuck Chyna

  15. Yeah and I’m still curious what the jam was from
  16. CD negotiations were ongoing between GNR and UMG and UMG and retailers. It was a Mexican standoff. So when your product leaks, you do what you do when someone dings your car. You file a police report in case you’re gonna take it to court or settle outside of it. The leaks did their job, got headlines. It worked out for literally everyone. GNR got album out, fans got an exciting week, UMG used it to offload a shitload of money onto Best Buy and it convinced Best Buy there was money in it for them. Top laughs all around. Locker leaks are a different story. That economy isn’t there anymore. The band is better managed and the record company is back in the picture. They’ll just send out an email telling the news media not to report on it and the good little dogs won’t do a thing. On a final note, I love Skwerl. He did the most punk rock thing ever and called GnR’s bluff.
  17. A controlled demolition to maximize insurance payouts?
  18. Miser I like you but your taste in women woof
  19. Miser: “I get Brie Larson and Blake Lively confused all the time, I don’t know why” I know why, it’s because you’re a homosexual. Brie is like a 6 on her best day with a -2 attitude. Lively is a 9 when she gets out of bed.
  20. No $ new music Only $ is in touring (Axl won’t give it to them) And old nostalgia stuff like AFD remaster etc (makes them $)
  21. Is it online yet? Couldn’t find it on yt
  22. Better is alright for that. Loud and poppy. Not too slutty. The rest is depressive though. Funny you should say that, they should’ve made an album that appeals to strippers like Manson does and they would’ve had a hit on their hands.
  23. Oi done bloody care bout new album leaks All I want is the real versions of these bloomin songs before Duff ruined them downloaded right in me cumpu’aa
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