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  1. No. He's looking into it very seriously, but is not really sure how one goes about getting vaccinated in this day and age.
  2. They had the glam and hair metal look but that was about it As far as music they were the last great hard rock band. Their sound was rooted 60s/70s arena and stadium rock. Aerosmith, Zeppelin, AC/DC, Stones, Queen and Elton John were the various band members favorites and they wore those influences on their sleeves. Plus a dash of punk and glam rock. I think that's why the 1987-1991 band's music has had such longevity. 60s and 70s were the pinnacle of rock and Guns was the last mega band that made that kind of music at an elite level. There's a reason that, despite their small catalog, their prime material is still viewed on a different level than the Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi type bands
  3. No. Doing so would require him to give up pork based products.
  4. Apparently she has no problem with Axl's treatment of Erin as long as the Fatunion is financing her plastic surgery
  5. True, nothing like developing a crack habit to help with the love handles
  6. Doesn't really make sense to me to include "joke songs" like Tastes Good Don't It, Used To Love Her, even the Back Off Bitch and Silkworms type songs where they're intended to be ridiculous and over the top. This I Love is so cheesy, like a bad Broadway song meets Meat Loaf. But the delivery makes it worse. If the Remix vocals were used on the official version it wouldn't get half as much shit, though the lyrics would still be awful. Generally, earnest love songs just lend themselves to saccharine, corny, cringeworthy lyrics. Just reading the SCOM and Don't Cry lyrics (alt version is a little better), they're bordering on TIL territory. To me Patience, NR, Estranged and Better have pretty good lyrics if viewed through the "rock love song" lens, but I'm sure others will disagree. Rocket Queen too, although that's half kiss off half ballad. If The World has terrible throwaway lyrics, but I like the song. Most of my favorite Axl lyrics are the ones that read like the rantings of a paranoid madman or jilted ex. Right Next Door To Hell, Perfect Crime, Garden of Eden, Don't Damn Me, Coma, Oh My God. YCBM. Even Jungle and Paradise City kind of fall into this category. Locomotive and Breakdown are more relationship oriented but also have some madman going through an existential crisis moments that are solid. My Michelle is juvenile but funny. Catcher. I like Perhaps because he's addressing Mark David Chapman but could also be talking about himself. But some falling in this category are just pure gibberish like My World and Riad. Shotgun Blues. Would include Get In The Ring but I think that was Duff except for the rant. Bottom 5: TIL Anything Goes Shotgun Blues My World One In A Million
  7. "You get nothing for nothing if that's what you do Turn around bitch I got a use for you Besides, you ain't got nothing better to do And I'm bored"
  8. Official review: either version of Hard School would have been a bottom 3 track on CD, and the new version is worse than the old one. Bonus review: Silkworms and Absurd both would have been the worst track on CD, and Absurd is significantly worse than Silkworms. Even in the context of the polarizing CD era, these tracks are D-list throwaways. Perhaps, State of Grace, Atlas and even Eye On You are more entertaining listens. The fact that this is the only "new music" produced by a reunion that's been underway for 5 years is concrete proof of what's been obvious for years now: this "band" is a creatively bankrupt husk that exists strictly to bleed the fanbase's bank accounts in the most cynical way possible.
  9. Hard Stool's problem is that it's too average. So average that it's instantly forgettable. If it were shit, it might be memorable in some way. And being shit is not problem when it comes to climbing the modern rock charts. But in general no one cares about new songs from dinosaur rock bands. The motivation for releasing GnR releasing music has to be an artistic one, or one rooted in feeding the hardcore portion of the fanbase. And if Axl has proven one thing over the years it's that he could not care less about either of those things. My guess is he uses the lukewarm response to Abturd and Hard Stool as an excuse to avoid releasing anything else in the foreseeable future.
  10. This I Love has his worst lyrics I've never seen anyone claim he's a lyrical genius or even a great lyricist, except maybe his most delusional diehard fans. He may get propped up a bit because he's a lot better than most of his 80s rock contemporaries. Comparing the lyrics of the Def Leppards and Motley Crues. Stuff like Coma or Locomotive or even November Rain is a cut above the bands Guns was "competing" with back then. But realistically most rock lyrics are shit if you read them on paper, and GnR is no exception. Look at how many all time great songs have lyrics that are painfully simplistic or just straight up gibberish. There aren't many Roger Waters out there and even fewer of them who can actually sing. For a Guns example take Mr. Brownstone. Great fucking song. But "I get up around 7, get out if bed around 9, I don't worry about nothing though cause worrying's a waste of my time" could've been written by a 10 year old. The lyrics for SCOM are almost as simplistic and cringeworthy as TIL if you read them on paper, but nobody ever mentions that because they like the song. Axl's gifts were his voice and his knack for phrasing and melody, not his lyrics.
  11. Maybe it wasn't MSL, been so long, but this leaked out around 2010 or 2011. First place Perhaps, Going Down or Tonto were mentioned anywhere. Also had the remix bonus tracks listed which turned out to be real
  12. Right, I mean the stuff from the CD2 tracklist MSL leaked 10+ that was proven to be accurate by the fact it included stuff that was never known of until subsequent leaks (had Goin Down, Tonto, Perhaps, Nothing on there). Cuban Skies, The General, Soul Monster, whatever else. There were 8 or 9 still unleaked tracks on there, presumably with vocals from around the same time as Better, Sorry, Shacklers were recorded. Those are probably the last full vocal tracks Axl has or will recorded that are unreleased and I'd like to hear them. I don't expect them to be released in an official capacity (reworked or otherwise) at any point in the foreseeable future Also interested in the DAT tapes recorded 95-96 but I don't think they'll ever leak at this point. Even if they fell into someone's hands the equipment needed to even play or copy them is so obscure at this point.
  13. 2013. Despite the fact that they were reduced to playing theaters and bowling alleys there was still no inkling of desire to release new music or do anything productive. At that point I completely stopped caring. Outside of attending a reunion show in 2016 and watching some being impressive clips of Axl/DC, I basically stopped listening to, reading about or thinking about this shitshow for 8 years. I suspected the reunion would be what it's proven to be: a cashgrab that exists for no reason other than to line the pockets of the already rich principals. The release of Hard School and Absurd pulled me back into the GnR cesspool for a bit but it quickly became obvious there was no album in sight. Just more of the same. Only bright spot is that 2019 gives hope that maybe the rest of the completed BucketFinck stuff will leak at some point and I'd be interested in hearing that
  14. The last time he had any creative energy is whenever the vocals for Better, Sorry and whatever other post-Village leak, pre-Bucket quitting for good stuff there is. The General. Soul Monster. There's no money in releasing new music anymore unless you appeal to the streaming generation so there's no motivation for the band or the label to release anything other than nostalgia based cash grabs
  15. And look at the dog shit it's surrounded by. Rock is dead.
  16. All the albums from AFD through TSI were produced by Clink and mastered by George Marino. The mixing was done by different people on AFD and Lies while both UYI and TSI were mixed by Bill Price. Always wondered why they went away from Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero after AFD.
  17. 100% agree. The sound on AFD is perfect. Crisp, clean and the interplay between Slash and Izzy and really the rest of the rhythm section gives it great texture. That dynamic was almost completely gone by UYI. Which still had plenty of great songs but it's very clear which ones are Slash songs vs Izzy songs vs Axl songs, and Axl did have some interesting comments on that where the UYIs were basically their three solo albums and it was a huge ordeal getting everyone to work on each others songs. Whereas on AFD it was just GnR. Far as TSI, it sounds good, nice and crisp, but it's also really dry. There's no texture to the songs. Gilby's work just has zero personality and just gets steamrolled by Slash. For a punk covers album, too many of the tracks lack any real energy and in retrospect it's easy to see this as the segue into the lifeless SFTD cover where the original band went out with a whimper.
  18. Listened to Silkworms and Absurd back to back Still hilarious how they took one of the most reviled songs in GnR history, made it significantly worse, and released it as the first "new" song from the Reunion Era It's a grade A troll job
  19. Was releasing Shadow of Your Love (a song where Slash and Duff have no writing credits but Paul Tobias does) as the first official single of the Fatunion Era a calculated cucking or just the standard laziness?
  20. Well, Shadow of Your Love is a great song. I think it's better than some of what ended up on AFD and should've been on there. In any case the band was in their prime and it's obvious in the energy of the track. Whereas Absurd sounds like they spliced the instrumental and vocals from a pair of D-list Spaghetti Incident throwaways and didn't even bother to line them up. And Hard Skool is at best on par with a bottom tier UYI song. Geffen would gladly release the album even if it stinks. Free money. They're not paying for the recording costs and the GnR name sells itself. The hold up is that Axl will expect the red carpet to be rolled out like it's 1991. He doesn't realize they're just another washed up rock band that record labels don't invest much in these days
  21. That's true. The Blues would have had a chance if they released the album in that time frame. Perhaps just has the massive chorus that much of CD lacked. And an earworm melody to it.
  22. And the response to Ezrin's critique was to spend another 8 years messing around with the same songs doing nothing but adding additional layers of instrumentation. Good plan. In the end the two radio friendly songs they had were Better and Perhaps. Failed to promote one. Didn't bother to include the other.
  23. Nothing stopped him from doing that. He could've just released it and promoted it with NITL tour. Slash and Duff had no problem playing CD songs. No question they would've done it for the money.
  24. Pretty certain this was just a rumor started by a fake insider. Doesn't make any sense. Record industry was basically at rock bottom in 2010. No way they're rejecting a completed album they can slap the GnR name on. I suspect what really happened is, after Axl's hissyfit and public trashing of the label and Jimmy Iovine for the way they handled the CD release is he went to the label with ridiculous demands for the rollout budget on CD2 and they told him to fuck off. And he got what he really wanted: an excuse for not releasing new music.
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