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  1. Good song, was definitely a good choice for an opener and had proper single potential. The intro riff always reminded me of TNT by AC/DC though, it's the same E-G-A chord progression but in drop-D.
  2. Holy shit that was a blitzkrieg from start to finish. Hell hath no fury like a podcaster spurned. 10/10. Good job @Frank Drebin with those excellent questions. @GnRLiars which one of you is Keith David and who is Roddy Piper?
  3. I'm partial to High N Dry myself, but after that I lose interest. Fun fact, Leppard are the reason Slayer formed. Kerry King overheard Jeff Hanneman playing Wasted and they got together because of that.
  4. You know what, at this point I'm inclined to agree. Fuck this fat band.
  5. Junkyard weren't hair metal though? They were mistakenly lumped in with the scene but they never played the Strip. Dave Roach dyed his hair blonde and the first two albums had more of a hair metal production but they were normal hard rock albums through and through. None of them fit the hair metal image either, though Brian Baker went for a sort of scuffed Mick Ronson look. They had fucking fat Chris Gates of the Big Boys on guitar, you don't see Sunset Strip hotshots going around looking like that.
  6. This should probably settle the debate, it goes into the specifics of what hair metal actually is. I've never thought of GNR as hair metal, even if they emerged from the same scene. You can hear Skid Row evolving out of the genre in the gap between their debut and Slave to the Grind but I've never really heard more than a vague trace on GNR's albums. Hell, Live Like a Suicide was their first release and that's pretty much just straight hard rock in a 70s vein, no hair metal on that. THE TOP TEN BANDS MOST OFTEN MISCATEGORIZED AS HAIR METAL: #2, GUNS N' ROSES | MetalSucks
  7. it was stolen and grafted onto Duff
  8. Will getting ET laid take longer than the wait for Chinese Democracy?
  9. Always enjoyed it, it's the band letting their ya-ya's out and having fun. I like how they implemented it into Rocket Queen later on too. I think it says something about how forward thinking GNR were in the 80s, they were messing around with rap-rock in 88.
  10. They censored Ain't It Fun for the GH didn't they? Cut out the "cunt".
  11. Pfft, she's a hooker, she's probably had to take on some degenerate Saudi prince having a layover in Japan at some point. I doubt one fat American is too scary. Just take it easy, stop stressing so much.
  12. @EstrangedTWAT let's make this 2021-2030 for you
  13. He only did it because he wasn't the most powerful man in the room anymore and had to actually perform in front of someone he admired. If he'd half-arsed it Angus would have kicked him off the tour and got another singer.
  14. I'm an optimist. UYI is their last cashcow in the shed, Locked & Loaded didn't do too well but it's not unlikely that they'll do a follow-up for the last album people are actually nostalgic for.
  15. @RedHook how much do you want to bet that this was one of Miser's alts? Brian was just doing his wigga howlin wolf impression on backing vocals and . Honestly I'd say that Appetite is their best sounding album. TSI is slightly too slick sounding (though the mix is terrific) imo. It sounds a lot bigger and flashier than Appetite or GNR Lies, though it isn't overdone like the UYIs. I hope the 30th anniversary remasters next year turn out as well as the Appetite one. TSI isn't a bad album and I would like to have heard a few different tunes being covered, but it never flowed that well for me. I do think they outdid T. Rex with Buick McKane though, the original was too limpwristed and feeble for my liking and they really turned it into monster rocker it should have been. It was nice to hear a truly ferocious version of Hair of the Dog too, I've never seen a live version by Nazareth as hot as GNR's. Black Leather isn't as greasy as the original but it's a good cover. Human Being surprised me, the original is fantastic but GNR's cover is worthy of it. I liked SIDY too, it was a good reinvention of the song. Down on the Farm was way better live, Axl's put-on accent drags it down on the album. I think he should have sung Attitude as well, Duff doesn't have the pipes to cover Danzig. Ain't it Fun is pretty good but it doesn't capture the absolute nihilism of the original. It's goldplated darkness, not the toiletbowl hopelessness of the original.
  16. Most of the hardcores I know hated Hardwired and Death Magnetic. They're never going to win many of the old crowd over with their new material.
  17. @EstrangedTWAT has the deed been done?
  18. Wanna tell you story 'Bout a guitarist I know When it comes to biceps His gravy really steals the show It ain't exactly tasty Ain't no gourmet brew But for looking big and muscly It's just the trick that'll do
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