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  1. Two memes in one, perfection.
  2. As poor as he may seem compared to the others in GNR, Steven is still worth $15 million, which is as good as or better than many musicians who were as big as GNR in the past. If he doesn't want to tour he doesn't have to, there isn't a huge demand for Adler's Appetite but they do have an audience if he wants to play shows. It's probably reasonably easy for them to get festival slots too. He's head of the band and doesn't have to worry about the bullshit that GNR have to. So yeah, he won in his own way. Nice to see Todd Kerns out there, wonder if he got to sing a few tunes.
  3. I think the Fat Man might be able to do a decent job of it, it uses about the same vocal range as Patience and that's maybe the only song he's sounded solid on this tour.
  4. @Bill Brasky superfan Ragnar one of the first in as per usual. I'll throw it on this evening, should be a good episode, Broski is usually entertaining.
  5. Axl went into the oxygen tent about 3/4s of the way through PC and when he re-emerged there was a lot more Mickey to his voice. He can rasp a little but I'd comfortably bet that he'd either die, pass out, ruin his voice or go full Dustin Bones if he tried to do a whole set like that. One of the stupidest decisions he made was to sing AC/DC in standard tuning, which I don't think he's ever really sang in before. He was forcing F#5s, G5 and G#5s, notes towards the top of his range. Just listening to Axl/DC stuff makes my throat hurt, he may have hit them but the notes didn't come easy to him. Maybe we'd get a little more rasp if GNR finally dropped to D or C# tuning but I really don't know.
  6. Maiden and Aerosmith will be worth it, they are the oldest of the lot, and Tyler's voice is starting to go and Nicko McBain will be 70 soon. The next Maiden tour may be his last as drummer, and I wouldn't be surprised if Aerosmith hang it up in the next 5 years. Veteran acts are certainly worth seeing before they die - GNR might be a little different though. Most people on the ground seem to enjoy them, even if the footage is shit. I honestly don't know if I would go and see them considering the performances don't match up to the money but who knows, if you don't see them now they may be even fatter and shitter on the next tour.
  7. If there is a Beta Lebeis, is there an Alpha Lebeis? Is there a Sigma Lebeis?
  8. @wasted you are my GNR spirit animal too sir! That was an excellent serious episode, everyone was on fire and bringing up genuinely interesting points. Brasky's prediction was correct, they played Hard Skool the next show. Keen for the next one.
  9. Isn't it about Izzy? That always made more sense to me than Slash or Stephanie or Erin.
  10. Faster Pussycat's artwork is 100x better than Absurd or Hard Skool's, money ain't everything baby.
  11. If there's an album surely that will be on it, even as an instrumental if there are no vocals for it. Super greasy deep frahd tune. Slash would definitely be into that.
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