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  1. They made several statements in the 80s about not selling out, not playing ball with MTV, about remaining metal, not even making videos. Kinda funny that their first music video was made for their least commercial album. It's not as if they were doing badly before the 90s, they'd sold over a million albums and were the biggest extreme metal group in the world. The black album had enough metal to it not to lose all of their original fanbase (though many abandoned them) but the trendhopping load/reload albums were a total 180 and saw them becoming everything they'd publicly stood against in the eyes of their original fans.
  2. That's it. The fans projected onto GNR to an extent. They weren't going around making grand statements like Metallica, they weren't part of a subculture like thrash metal either. They did make fun of bloated, embarassing hair bands however, and Hook and his crowd probably saw them as transforming into what they had mocked I the past.
  3. He's discussing a loss of integrity and the beginning of hypocrisy that alienated the fans who had been there in the beginning. They grew bigger and bigger but lost their roots. It's like Metallica and the black album/load. The difference was that GNR was only a betrayal of idealistic integrity rather than both that and their core musical style.
  4. Yeah it was a total image thing with the Cult, outside the studio Astbury was a preening wanker wearing native American clothing, doing all the retarded Jim Morrison sex shaman bullshit and making a fool of himself. His lyrics make Nikki Sixx look like Bob Dylan too. I always felt sorry for Billy Duffy, he deserved better. But then, he lost most of his creativity after 1985 and just stole 70s rock riffs and leads so I'm not overly sympathetic.
  5. Ian Ashbury is infamously shit live, too. There are only two or three live recordings of the Cult I've seen where he sounds decent.
  6. Civil War is one, I'll go over them and get back to you. That's one of like two where he's playing close to appetite levels though.
  7. I have the feeling the gypsy hordes are almost upon us...
  8. Dan McCafferty is in his 70s and had a stroke or heart attack but still sounds infinitely better than the Fat Man. He only does soul/folk music now but he's quite good doing it.
  9. Rocket Queen, Patience and Estranged are their three best imo, they're peak GNR rocker, peak GNR ballad and peak GNR epic. I'd have to think for a while on a top 10 though.
  10. Sonofabitch is a legend, the god of D.A.C. content online. Would be great to have him back.
  11. I think he chose Myles on purpose because he IS a bland frontman who's a good guitarist and capable of singing most of GNR's catalogue. The Conspirators are basically Slash's solo band, he's the main attraction and a more dominant frontman could detract from that. Snakepit and VR were actual bands (Revolver more so) and Slash was happy to have more dominant frontmen there. But with the conspirators he's calling all the shots and people are coming largely to see him. Myles also has a following from his other work and its good for the commercial prospects, but he's too bland and reserved to steal the spotight. He's also apparently very nice and easy to get along with which would be a change from the Fat Man and junkies Weiland & Jackson.
  12. That's probably why I think it's cosmetically better than gravy and shorts. too bad Myles doesn't suit this style at all.
  13. Slash needs to drop Myles. Apparently he has quite a strong lower range but I don't buy it, he seems to struggle singing Slither and he sounds ridiculous trying something like this. I think it's got more immediate virtues than the Gravy is Rising and Fill my Shorts, but the gravy is rising is actually somewhat catchy, while Fill my Shorts is garbage and this is filler. Really muddy production too. It sounds more cohesive than hard school but it's a sonic mush. If the singles are the best songs on this album it's gonna be a fresh low in Slash's career.
  14. It was definitely in the spotify version I think.
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