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  1. I always thought IRS had the classic GNR vibe, although I'm not sure what the lyrics are exactly about.
  2. Is KFC any good? I haven't had it in years. I had the Popeyes chicken sandwich once and it was alright, but not good enough to go out of my way to get. Only fried chicken close to here is a gas station that everyone recommends and the grocery store. No good chicken shacks close by.
  3. I would have thought to resume the tour they all would have had to get vaccinated for insurance reasons.
  4. Aren't they owned by Fender or Gibson? I saw Slash has another signature Les Paul.... it's got the number 4 on it.
  5. I didn't think Slash's Alnico II pickups were considered high output.
  6. Haven't listened to Absurd since the weekend it came out and might pop in Hard Skool once every two weeks or so.... can't remember the last time I listened to it, but I do like it.
  7. Thanks! Now that I read that I do previously remember reading about it.
  8. I've never heard this... any links? It would make sense with the company he kept at the time (i.e. Slash, Izzy, Adler).... which is why I was always kind of surprised he never dabbled.
  9. Guy was fucked up 24/7 for nearly a decade, has had two daughters, and is almost 60. The perspective of a 60 year old father soon to be grandfather is going to be different than that of a 25 year old alcoholic, junkie. It would be more pathetic if a 60 year old was still mumbling incoherently in a drunken stuper. He had to change or else he'd be dead by now. Addicts have addictive personalities... I wonder if the addiction has transferred to $, food, or holding a carrot stick of a new album over fans.
  10. Sonically TSI sounds great. Slash's intro to Aint It Fun is the greasy in the right kind of way. I ate spaghetti for dinner last night and 50% of the time the red sauce gives me heartburn... might have been the booze, but this is one of those times.
  11. You got to wonder how many demos musicians tried to get in to members of GNR or their crew's hands. They probably listened to none of them. Think about it.... they didn't really like many of the other LA bands and thought a lot of current music sucked. If anything Axl seemed to be the one most interested in modern music at the time was Axl with getting bands like Soundgarden and Faith No More to open. I'm sure Cantrell pulled similar stunts. As I kid I recalled watching a video of him in a makeup chair getting his face painted like Kiss and the entire time he is smoking a cigarette and blowing it in the face of the person putting on the makeup. He seems like a much more mellow guy now.
  12. It's possible... the effect on the solo makes it hard to tell. Not sure if it is an auto wah or envelope filter? Not an effect I can recall Slash using on another song. Good thing they didn't share the same needle....
  13. When was the last time Sixx AM released original music? Didn't Nikki Sixx move to Iowa or something?
  14. With no new music coming out Adler and Izzy are the last hoorah. Get the AFD 5 together and play the entire album. It's all that is left.
  15. Ain't Life Grand came out in 2000.... could have never released a GNR album at the time as it would have competed against Slash's album just like GNR cannot release any new more material at this time due to SMKC new album.
  16. There's not going to be a CD II or any new album. Maybe some EPs like this Hard Stool EP. If there was going to be a full album why would a band put the first two new songs they've released in 13 years on an EP. Are there more songs.... yes. Could they write more songs...yes... Slash's new album proves they could write new songs. Is there any incentive to release them if Axl doesn't want people to hear them... no. They'll probably be some more songs released, but the album era is pretty much dead so why bother?
  17. I don't have a clue.... and I never got a Dr Pepper either.
  18. The original Chinese Democracy would have came out in 1996 if it wasn't for It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. Axl didn't want to compete with the second Snakepit album so it came out in 2008 when everyone had finally forgotten about Ain't Life Grand..
  19. Realistically anyone who cares even a little bit about Slash's solo stuff would love for new GNR (Axl & Slash) stuff to be released. Does anybody really think there is a Slash fan who if given the choice between new GNR or new SMKC album would want SMKC over Guns? Slash is probably tired of playing the same songs for 4-5 years, but even still he has done it with a smile on his face and a tophat on his head.
  20. Hate is such a strong word to use for coworkers.... although I guess we've all had coworkers we've hated.
  21. Once there was this rock n' roll band rolling on the streets.....
  22. What are his other plans and why would he care if CD 2 was released? They had a year or so without touring due to COVID and Slash plays the guitar non-stop so not like it would have been much of an effort... he could have recorded guitar parts for 10-12 songs in a month or two. Does he not want it to come up because he only wants to be known for Slash with Conspirators? Have you heard the new song? I'm sure he'd be fine with releasing CD 2.... not like he's expecting everything to be Bohemian Rhapsody. Write the song, record the song, release the song., move on seems to be more of his MO.
  23. New interview with Slash. Highlights... Myles is easy to work with. Still has to pay out (royalties?) to various musicians/companies from the solo album with all the different singers. New album was finished in April. Went to a Halloween party where people were dressed as Slash and Axl. Who's Bob?
  24. A lot of the jam bands do live releases. If GNR has soundboard recordings from 85-93 I think people would listen to them.... then again maybe no one will pay for them so it's not worth the effort and cost. Jam bands are different than GNR... so maybe those bands don't care no one is paying for it?
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