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  1. I don't mind Myles, but I think he is best doing his own stuff. Every 3-4 years the guy is releasing 3 albums of material. That is a lot of songwriting. I'm not sure how he prioritizes? Maybe he just lets it flow with whatever he is working on at the time. I lot of this recent Slash stuff seems kind of like post 1990 generic AC/DC cliche type song titles though... Call Off the Dogs, the River is Rising, etc. I think Myles is pretty talented....
  2. I am still trying to find the most recent picture of Slash without a hat. The most recent I could find was during the Velvet Revolver era. I'm at a dead end here and would appreciate any leads on this long and winding road.
  3. Definitely.... starting with him re-joining the band and helping the NITL to be one of the top 3 grossing tours of all time. Their arms get shorter, while their pockets get deeper.... šŸ“¹
  4. I do wonder why Izzy has been relatively silent in the last couple of years. When the reunion started he released a couple songs, but nothing since then. Even Slash has done 2 albums since then. Maybe Izzy has lost his passion for writing and playing music? He's the one guy I'd really like to hear on a podcast. Hell.... Adler also if I could listen to him talk for an hour and not shut it off within 5 minutes.
  5. That's from Velvet Revolver era, no? So it has been that long?
  6. I remember stealing one of my mom's Victoria's Secrets as a kid. Seymour was in there, but I preferred Karen Mulder. She's pretty crazy herself. Kind of weird how the GNR guys seem "normal" by comparison these days.
  7. Well yeah.... that's what made the original and UYI era band so great the contribution and chemistry of Axl, Izzy, Slash, Duff and Steven or Matt. It's like Captain Planet... by their powers combined. But, if they're just going to tour and rehash CD era stuff then there's no need to cut Izzy in on the loot. He's got fighter pilot money.
  8. Sources tell me it was April 31, 2015.... but I can't find any photographic evidence? šŸ˜•
  9. Best case for me was an EP with maybe 4-6 songs that were a "concept" type of album similar to Pink Floyd or side 2 of Abbey Road. I thought at this point they'd be capable and compromising enough with each other to get together 4-6 songs that they could somehow connect and flow..... a shortened, hard rock version of the Wall. It would allow Axl to add all the sound effects he wanted connecting the songs. It was a pipe dream.... a big one at that. Although on one hand they are doing a EP, but it's 4 songs just thrown together. So when do I think we will be seeing a full length album? The answer..... not in this lifetime.
  10. Just bring back Adler and Sorum. Let them play the material they recorded with the band. I guess it would eat in to the budget so it would never happen.
  11. Am I counting this right?? Of the top 10... Myles is involved with 3/10, Sidoris 2/10, and Slash 1/10?
  12. The article clearly says the money is going to the promoters. This Illy guy seems semi-successful. I can't figure out how he doesn't realize there are more bricks in the wall than GNR and the promoters in this equation. Big concerts help the economy... hotel rooms, restaurants, vendors, etc and that's not even referencing the people working at the venues. If Illy should be pissed at anyone it should be the promoter who you'd think would have insurance to cover this stuff. But of course no one knows who the hell the promoter is so bringing up GNR will get more hits. I mean now we all know who this great Australian rapper is...
  13. Who wears a catchers gear with a kilt? Axl rulz! Didn't some billionaire end up dumping his wife for Seymour?
  14. Dirty Harry 23.... the Dead Pool Also, November Rain was referenced on some cheezy sitcom maybe 5 years ago? I can't remember the show, but my Mom sent me a text about it. Also, Beavis and Butthead had multiple references.
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