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  1. I didn’t know they had the full tour booked before Coachella, where did you get that info from?
  2. Nah... I was with him till he called out Neil... 😂
  3. For me, Nevermind the bollocks is one of the great rock n roll records. Start to finish I can listen to every track and not skip anything. Lydon has turned out to be 3 times the size and wanker he was in 78. An insufferable goon. I met all 4 Pistols at one point and he was an arsehole. Jones, Cook & Matlock were beyond down to earth. Jones stopped a taxi he was in to sign a piece of paper for me, and thanked me for coming to the gig! He was a really nice guy.
  4. A seriously Sexy lady .....
  5. November Rain - $1.5 Estranged - $5.0 Absurd/Hardschool - An ounce, and 1hr turnaround time to the gardener.
  6. The punk stuffs fine. Motorhead live a few times made me sorry for my ears. But in the best possible way....
  7. Hersey! The Sex Pistols The Ramones Dead Kennedys Stiff little fingers Thunders & The Heartbreakers New York Dolls The Stooges MC5 Nirvana Buzzcocks Hole Dead Boys The Damned The Stranglers X L7 The Go Go’s There’s lots of great punk records out there.
  8. I wonder how Duff felt having come from Seattle and played in bands there, to see Seattle wipe his band off the earth in 92-94. He went from playing in punk bands to be in a band the punk bands thought were a joke.
  9. I liked GnR then & now. I despised Motley Crüe and fucking Poison, Def Leppard and all that lot then and I always have. It was just cheesy as fuck. GnR came out of that Stonesy/Punk/Rock/bluesy swamp. What was the lineage of the hair metal crowd? Most of those bands are like kiss or something. Just a joke and not a good one. It’s like wrestling v boxing. Motley Crüe just seemed to be entertainment. Cheesy as some of the production is on the GnR records, it’s dated better than most of that stuff with the horrible 80s drum sound and background vocals on the hair metal stuff.
  10. Oh. Ah I’m too stoned to be picking up on that level of humour. 😂 Thanks for clarifying.
  11. Your opinion on a vaccine is shaped by Fat Axl? The only thing that man should help you form an opinion on is bad housekeepers & fast food joints....
  12. I dunno... They were pretty epic live during the 86-93 run. The waiting around was the only drag (that and no Izzy) when I saw em in 92. They delivered live far more often than not in that period. Probably the most exciting of the big bands live round then. They could hit some glorious heights. There’s plenty of footage and bootlegs to back it up.
  13. The following lyrics get my vote: I'm like a little bitty kid with a real big mouth And you're gonna have to catch me if you wanna wash it out Standin' on the corner Callin' you nigga With my juvenile skills and juvenile games I'm a fast motherfucker Tell you 'bout it fucker Fuck with me and I'll fuck your mother Your sister too Your best girlfriend Line 'em up Put 'em end to end I stick it in, pull it out Then I grab your face And cum in your mouth Said, it tastes good, don't it? Said, it tastes good, and you know it Said, it tastes good, don't it? Said, it tastes good, and you know it If you're lookin' for trouble I'm the one If you're lookin' for a fight Then we'll have some fun Stupid motherfuckers shouldn't have ragged on me They can't see what I can see I've been up I've been down Kickin' fucking shit all over this town What they say means nothin' to me Sweet, sweet taste of victory
  14. Yeah it sold fuck all back then & was kinda irrelevant. But time and lack of other recorded output have made it more essential than it might have been. It was conveniently released for the Christmas market that year, as had the Illusions videos the previous year.
  15. Dear Aunt Axl,, Does your pierced nipple cause leakage now you have tits? Why could you sing ok with AC/DC and subject GnR to mickeyness and general fatty voice issues. That tache man, what the fuck were you thinking? Are you still into racism, sexism & Xenophobia as hobbies? Why are you persisting with songs you can’t sing while avoiding ones you could. It’s time to move on from the CD material. No one buys a ticket hoping to hear you squeak out Better. What do you think of Duff after his sex change? Does it bother you being the second coolest person from Lafayette? What do you think of the November Rain video now. Have you caught up to where the rest of us were in 92 and realized you were a gimp. You’re too old to be writing about school. Hard school is the dumbest fucking lyrics ever. Did Jack Black help with the lyrics?
  16. I’m guessing that as it was an album of mostly punk covers, they didn’t overproduce it. Or someone kept Axl outta the studio. I wish the Illusions albums were mixed like TSI.
  17. A guy I was in a band with was caught fucking an oven ready chicken... I didn’t believe it until he casually told the story one day.... He blamed an Amstel promotion in the student bar.
  18. He seemed a shell of the guy he was in 1993. There’s a couple of boots from the KISS support gigs, you can tell the power is gone from his vocal. There’s only a couple of bands I’ve seen live who melt your face in the first 60 seconds, Alice In Chains opening with Dam that river was one of them. Not the gig I was at, I saw em a few days later, but it’s a good indication of how they sounded around then. As heavy as songs like Godsmack were on the album, they were heavier live. It’s a real shame he couldn’t get away from the stuff. By all accounts he was a gentle soul.
  19. Stayley was all but done as a live performer by 1993. There was only a handful of performances after that. I don’t particularly like that unplugged performance, he was a shadow of what I saw live just 3 years prior. His voice was different , loss of teeth maybe. Jar of Flies & Sap caught them at their acoustic best for me. I listened to those a lot back in the day.
  20. I did the same in Dublin. Went the first night and then picked up a ticket for the following night! Glad I did as it was the last tour they did. Weiland was a great frontman
  21. Velvet Revolver were pretty good live. I saw them 5 times. Sorum had a way better drum sound with VR than GNR. They were a tight outfit. I like both albums, they have their moments.
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