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  1. Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, Sticky Fingers & Exile on Main Street is one of the best album runs ever. Mick Taylor was a great guitarist, Keef during that period was prolific as a songwriter and wrote some brilliant riffs/intros. I say fuck yeah to peak era Stones.
  2. Glad you’re joining in. I christen thee Ragnar Ramone.
  3. Its amusing this bothers you so. I’m glad it does. If there’s anything else I can do to piss you off please tell me.
  4. Man... that’s a lotta side boob from Slash... Axl If you’re reading this, CALL IZZY. Slash if you’re reading this, are you now a eunuch? Duff, if you’re reading this, you have too much time on your hands. Go ring Izzy. Frank is you’re reading this, can you spontaneously combust, choke on vomit, it can be anyone’s, you can’t really dust vomit, or get injured in a bizzare gardening accident. Richard of you’re reading this, leave now, Izzy’s coming back, Axl & Duff just called him
  5. Axl & Slash have tits, but continue to identify as male.
  6. ”it’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside” I bet it fucking is Elton...
  7. The only release coming anytime soon is from Axl in a Taco Bell bathroom.
  8. Another Izzy record is always welcome. It’s a joke the amount of material he’s put out over the last 30 years compared to GNR. I think his tunes and the ones he co-wrote with the others are amongst the GNR material that still stands up to this day. It’s not as dated lyrically as some of the other stuff. His songs always had their own groove. Adler was and is the best GNR drummer. Brain a close second. You could see the change in energy Adler brought to the band on the few NITL gigs he guested on. He drives a band along, Frank needs to have some one drag HIM along. Guy is one of the most plodding heavy handed drummers in a big band I’ve seen. It it made sense when I read in Duffs book that he and Adler would play Sly Stone and stuff like that in practice. They were a groovy/punk/rock/funk rhythm section. The band had way more snap and groove with Adler in there.
  9. Slash & Duff sold their souls to go back to GNR. Macdaddymephistopheles has them by the balls. This does seem to be the case all the way back from the mid 80s to now.
  10. It useta be see em before they're dead. Now I’d die before I’d see em. Izzy’s the only one with any integrity out of the lot.
  11. Its still beyond me how he sounded great on the AC/DC tour while Mickeying his way through GNR material at roughly the same time. The original tunes were mostly recorded in Eb, and the dude was sucking oxygen to sing those songs 30 years ago. It’s not going to get better. What I don’t get, is why Axl chooses material from the back catalogue that he can no longer sing, but won’t pick songs that he could sing now.
  12. No Izzy - WTF, the guy was the soul of GNR... Frank instead of Adler - Dude is the worst drummer in a big band I’ve come across. No feel, no real interaction with Duff or Slash. He’s Axl’s buddy. An appetite reissue that you could pay for in monthly instalments. No illusions reissue . at least an hour of the tour each night is boring. Cover versions & shitty CD material. Persisting with songs Fat Ax can’t sing, and ignoring ones he could. Slash & Duff sold their souls going back into GNR. All the BS they spouted for years about Izzy and the original guys etc, they dropped him like a shitty stick when the money came to be divided. RE the Slash back drinking stuff, where is that coming from?
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