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  1. That could’ve been a single I thought. Even over better
  2. got kinda high and put my nice stereo headphones on and that song came on. Axls voice is insane and different asf on that song. Honestly best and most “gnr” sounding track on the album… Also makes me sad because absurd and hard school aren't as layered or interesting as they should’ve been
  3. I don’t think rock n roll is supposed to be overly tight Bands like that (Rush…) are boring as hell to watch
  4. I honestly love State Of Grace. If they do ever put it out, I doubt it will sound as cool as what we have
  5. I thought the guy who leaked all the demos got in a shit ton of legal trouble. Doesn’t seem intentional, especially since no one off the forum would care anyway
  6. If they’re giving us Nu GNR songs recording by real GNR, they should give us AFD recorded by NU GNR. that clip of SCOM sounds sick as fuck. Sucks we’ll never hear the rest
  7. That’s a good point considering other than staged bts promo pictures, slash and axl haven’t been seen together offstage. but they do be making a shit ton of money so who tf cares. Kinda funny we are making fun of fat and greasy era gnr while they’re still netting more than any of us make a year from one show.
  8. Hate to admit it, but I was listening to CD songs the other day and they sound much more interesting (especially with good headphones) then both absurd and hard skool. not that they’re bad, but AFDifying them didn’t make them better
  9. I wonder if they took live recording of Dont Cry and You’re Crazy and dubbed some new Axl studio vocals on them. I can’t imagine them sounding that good if they took the recording of that from this tour…
  10. I wouldn’t consider it a failure… But if it were released in 1995 it probably would’ve been
  11. I really liked Scott Weiland in VR. Two great albums, especially Contraband
  12. Not very much consider how much slash makes a night. do you think he gives a shit about a washed out band from his 20s? It’s all $,$$$,$$$
  13. Pitman illegally sampling the first 30 seconds of that song and not telling anyone
  14. Here’s the deal. Looking back, I’m actually glad that this is how things are in GNR. It’s entertaining. They have 4 real albums, there’s nothing to talk about, the music is old and boring. When’s the last time you genuinely listened to a GnR song for fun? it’s the fact that this band is managed by a nanny, it’s the fact that they troll the shit out of their fans, it’s the fact that they sound like shit live, it’s the fact that they’re all fat. That’s why I love them. It’s fun to watch. Dare say my favorite band, all because everything they do makes me laugh
  15. I don’t mind the re-recorded cleaner vocals on the live album but I will never understand why they did that… for a LIVE album ?‍♂️
  16. I bet TB and Axl who will most definitely read this thread will get a real kick out of their fans thinking an album will come in the next year… or at all ?
  17. Pretty bad. I feel like it doesn’t need to be that way. The setlist could literally be it’s so easy CD brownstone bad obsession sorry DTJ absurd (sounds bad but atleast it’s not high) patience (still sounds decent) Nightrain And the other mid range songs, they’re passable as good still. Hell, I’d go pay to see them play the songs they can do. I don’t know who keeps telling them that songs like Coma, Locomotive, Better, SCOM, and Welcome to The Cheesecake Factory, all sound good. It’s seriously awful and unbearable to watch…
  18. People in 2002, 2012-2014 commenting on how bad Axl’s voice was didn’t realize how good it actually was back then compared to what it is now Every show is like RIR 2011 now ?
  19. Right but that’s my exact point. I don’t know the actual statistic, but just from reading social media + YouTube comments of both the songs, I don’t think anyone is paying money to go see them for the main reason being Absurd and Hard Skool. Especially since the cat is out of the bag that these are both Chinese Democracy songs. This band lives off casual fans (a lot of soccer moms who like SCOM) I would have to bet that half the people at these shows are thinking “what the fuck was that” after Axl screams “Pussy full of maggots”. the fact that only more serious fans care about these singles at the end of the day, they should’ve just given the better versions of these songs to us. It’s like adding Slash would attract casual fans but then nobody actually cares anyway.
  20. 99.9% of people are streaming or listening once on YouTube and that’s it. technically, it makes no sense for a band like GNR to release music at all. They will make more money in 2-3 shows than they ever will on both of those songs combined
  21. I can’t believe that I would rather have studio seeker & black hole sun over don’t cry and your crazy. but that would imply newly recorded vocals so I guess not if they’re doing a live EP they should’ve atleast given us an old version of Civil War from the 90s. Wonder why that wasn’t on LIVE ERA
  22. http://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nme.com/news/music/guns-n-roses-94-1263429%3famp it’s this but they cut Tommy and Bumble out and pasted Sluff. That’s why all the song credits say “Guns N’ Roses”. Because they were written by the hired guns?how absurd! I will be surprised (maybe pleasantly) to hear anything on the record that’s actually new. Regardless I can’t wait, I love all the leaked songs from 2019
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