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  1. . Both good posts, bacardi. Like Trump, I’m not familiar with the specific incident that you referred to. I do recall him being a complete and absolute cancer to mygnr from the day that he became a mod. As far as I’m concerned, any and all dissing and criticism that he receives was very well earned on his part.
  2. Hey Budd. I was wanting to take my lady friend out to a nice dinner tonight, but she doesn't feel like she has a dress for the occasion. Given your above, is there any chance that you wear a size Small?
  3. Ok. I suppose I’ll be the bad guy and ask the question that is likely on everyone’s mind. Would it be fair to assume that this limiting of free speech is the result of this being the latest thread to be “reported” by Philip K? ”G.N.F.N.R: Where Kindness Is Cool”
  4. Oh. You must not have heard .. In less than 36 hours, they went from being uncertain about their forum’s future given the finances needed to carry it, but are now turning a profit thanks to their members succumbing to the pressure to donate more (or else be forcibly shut out of the community).
  5. Keep in mind, this individual that you describe as being "totally fine" has banned a large percentage of members at this very forum for not much more than simply disagreeing with him. Further, he has a reputation for talking smack about the forum that you are currently posting on. If that's "totally fine", I'd hate to see what one has to do before being considered a narcissistic tyrant with an over-inflated ego due to absolutely jack-shit in your book.
  6. I didn’t realize that the website for Russ’ podcast has a contact link where we can leave feedback. As stated on the screenshot, they love hearing from their followers.
  7. Here we have a member who appears to be facing financial hardship. As a result of their desire to converse with other fans, and be able to witness updates from their favorite band on the day of the shows, this individual seems to be pleading with management to consider accepting payment installments for a membership so they can be afforded the opportunity to do so.
  8. Unfortunately, it appears as if some existing “Club Members” have actually been brainwashed into thinking that it’s their civic duty to pay for other individuals’ membership fees. It further appears as if these same individuals may believe that they have an opportunity to become a shareholder of the forum.
  9. It appears as if they may be brainwashing their members into thinking that their lives have become significantly better since becoming a “Club Member”.
  10. Per his lapdog, Russ, the only individuals who take issue with paying for the forum are those that are unhappy with their lives.
  11. I can’t speak as to what he may have said previously, but he was very clear with his message today. He only wants to surround himself with members that are willing to pay for his forum. To all others, they will have to go elsewhere to discuss the band.
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