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  1. Good day. Does anyone know the typical turnaround time for account approval "elsewhere"? It looks as if their most recent member is from 2 weeks ago. I may or may not have registered an account there several days ago.
  2. It looks as if extra precaution is being taken to ensure that the truth stays suppressed.
  3. When I confronted the livenirvana admin about his lack of professionalism and setting a poor example for others to follow, this is how he responded.
  4. Here’s an example of the site admin making unprovoked personal attacks towards me simply because we disagree about the manner in which Kurt died. Why would such a tactic be necessary if the truth were on one’s side?
  5. Here’s another example of a common-place outburst from a “Kurt committed suicide” fan when he was professionally asked to support his assertions with verifiable sources. Notice how the house of cards starts to tumble?
  6. All, Here is an example where the livenirvana.com admin was away for a week on holiday. When he returns, he publicly scolds his staff for not censoring me, despite admitting that no posts were offensive, and no violation of forum rules took place. Shortly after this, I was banned, regardless.
  7. Bill, Is it common-place for you become profane and lash out at others when they turn down an opportunity to be interviewed on this self-validating platform of yours? What does fantasizing that you are an interviewer in the cyber world help you to compensate for in the real world? Serious question. Also, not an alt. No ban is forthcoming. Just in case others value the truth too. Have a great day!
  8. Hi Bill, My lack of response regarding an invite to appear on this little, self-promotional thing of yours wasn't the result of me being "afraid" or "hiding". I just felt that a non-response was more cordial than telling you that, after reviewing some of your work, I wasn't interested. Regards.
  9. Despite the overwhelming evidence, this member disagreed that Kurt was murdered, however; he stated that he had his own theory about what happened. When I pressed him for his theory, this is what happened.
  10. Good morning. The following are examples of responses that I have received from members at livenirvana.com for simply presenting facts in a professional manner, or asking that they articulate their reasons for being so certain that Kurt took his own life.
  11. If you could go to livenirvana.com, register an account, and forward me the log-in details, it would be greatly appreciated. 




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