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  1. It’s funny too because it’s not even really a gnr photo/ or art work they are selling. It’s just a photo of spaghetti with “gnr” written over it. not only was it lazy for the album but it’s a shit cash grab for a puzzle
  2. they come out with a 500 piece jig saw puzzle ... You SAY THEY DON'T CARE!!!!!! The Spaghetti Incident? (500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle) – Guns N' Roses Official Store (gnrmerch.com)
  3. Also, I had a eye witness report tonight that Black Sabbath went.
  4. This thread is a rip off from a almost 20 year old SNL skit. Horatio Plays Elton John and I forgot who played eminem. But they end up having sex after a song.
  5. They did a queen one today too
  6. If the hookers rejects you, you can use my $15 I sent to buy anime.
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