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  1. fun fact: he was in Beautiful Creatures with DJ.
  2. The single crashed and burned at radio, and there’s still two months to go before the CD single even SHIPS. I’m a bit more of an apologist than most, but this is just an asinine business strategy and makes absolutely ZERO sense.
  3. That was wfa. Not an insider. By any means.
  4. The confusing part is that there’s a lot of tour footage in the video, so why not just do an actual video?
  5. It’s almost certainly a last minute push by the label to give it some juice since it’s stalled on the radio charts.
  6. they just played a clip of the song going to commercial. This feels like bizzaro world.
  7. There was previously unseen tour footage on the commercial, so that was pretty cool.
  8. There was just a GNR commercial during the Cowboys/Saints game. Apparently, the lyric video for Hard School is debuting tomorrow during Good Morning Football on NFL Network. Random as all hell.
  9. it still has a “bullet” (increase in spins) on Mediabase, which is the important thing. It’ll recover and be fine.
  10. Well, the labels still do, so if Geffen/Interscope can get this to #1, the more potential we’ll have for new music, be it older unreleased stuff or something else.
  11. Mediabase. The Mediabase chart is the official radio airplay chart.
  12. It’s getting a lot of play here in the States, and has been a “most added” single just about every week since it’s been released to radio. I don’t know how it works over there, but in the US, there are two very different rock radio formats - classic rock and active rock. Active rock radio (which is usually garbage, but plays new music by new acts and new music by legacy acts as well as stuff like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Green Day) is where Hard School is getting played, and it’s doing very well, all things considered.
  13. Hard School is officially top 10 at rock radio this week.
  14. The initial lineup of Michael’s solo band was amazing with Ginger from The Wildhearts in it:
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