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  1. Went to the Baltimore show. I thought that it was solid. The only downside was having to go to Baltimore.
  2. I’ve heard it a few times. It’s been one of the most added songs at rock radio for the past two weeks.
  3. Re-re-release of Greatest Hits with Hard Skool added on incoming.
  4. Hard Skool is officially top 20 at rock radio as of today.
  5. I know that people point at Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger when they point at Axl not being able to sing like he used to, but Steven is a freak of nature, and Jagger’s range is nowhere near what Axl’s was/is. I do understand why the set is structured the way that it is, though. Starts off with the rasp, tones it down in the middle to give Axl a bit of a rest, and then picks back up for the finale. I do think that the set could benefit from adding stuff like Bad Obsession and Pretty Tied Up - stuff that Axl can sing in his lower range while still being fairly recognizable songs for the casuals.
  6. Went to Baltimore last week. Enjoyed it. Axl had his moments where he struggled, but I can’t say that he didn’t try. I honestly thought that he did solid overall, and that he actually had improved on SCOM a bit since I last saw them in 2017. I don’t think it’s a lack of effort. I think that time has just caught up with his voice, and AC/DC certainly didn’t do it any favors as far as the longevity goes.
  7. Axl sounds great tonight. He nailed Better. He had an issue with his IEM and they had to replace it early on. Not sure what happened. He didn’t seem too thrilled about it, though.
  8. I’m sitting here watching WVH and I’m still debating in my head if they’re actually going to play it or not.
  9. Tonight is truly a blessed night. I’m sharing a space with the MacDaddy?! Just parked. Heading over shortly.
  10. #1 rock on iTunes #8 overall on iTunes. Honestly, a pretty good showing for it.
  11. He was good in Beautiful Creatures.
  12. I have a strange feeling that Adler, Izzy, or Gilby will show up tonight. Don’t know why. I just do.
  13. Silkworms is the new single. in 2021. the first GNR release with Slash and Duff since 1994. Silk. Worms. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.
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