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  1. Not sure what fantasy world you live in but I ain't who you think I am.
  2. Don't Damn Me is great.. Axl's response to the One in a million controversy. Have to agree with Mikey Shipwreck..I adore the juvenile Axl rant songs. I loved them when I was a teenager and still love them now... Right Next Door to Hell, Perfect Crime, Garden of Eden, Get in the Ring, Shotgun Blues even Absurd.
  3. Whatever they did to you wasn't your fault
  4. Show me on the teddy bear where they touched you.
  5. The section after the second chorus before the interlude shits all over anything in the demo version.
  6. Why is Jarmo so close to the GNR organization. Why is he taken on tour? His website gets no traffic. What does he offer?
  7. "So that will be a whole focused endeavor"... Will be... So they haven't finished reworking the old songs yet.. Jesus wept. Earlier this year Brasky stated that Adler and Izzy were back in and the album was done. Has anyone called him out on his bullshit?
  8. He was is good shape up until 2009. He must have went on some medication. That bloated swelled look isn't just down to just overeating.
  9. What exactly is a cock cunt? Are you a hermaphrodite or half way through a sex change?
  10. Can someone explain what Jarmo does to be on the payroll? His website is dead. Gets no traffic. What use is he?
  11. I can't wait to see what you peasants look like at 60.
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