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  1. Tbh i mostly said it to rile him up They are fuck ugly tho, so it is still at least moderately surprising they lasted long enough to get super famous.
  2. I don't think there's ever been a band of uglier motherfuckers than the stones. Oofah. Their almost 60 year catalogue of 75% filler shite is even more surprising to me now. How these goblins got famous enough with those faces, and so many crap songs is really a wonder.
  3. i'll fuck your gf biiiiiiitch. Shit that joke doesn't work, since you like Iron GAYden, which makes you gay, of course. My bad!
  4. Late to the Iron GAYden bashing, but I gotta side with Ragnar. They blow goats. Quoting from elsewhere because i don't want to type this shit out again.
  5. Bass riff is one of my fav's. Big Fan!
  6. Just seent what i assumed to be a very unfortunate looking woman, in the McDonalds drivethru that was the spitting image of @bacardimayne's avatar. Feeling blessed.
  7. Bro, he's saving his good voice for the rest of the tour. It's only going to get better. Bucketslash told me so
  8. Holy shit, i had to look this up, because i remember LZ looking fucking ANCIENT at the reunion show. Granted I was 17 years old, so every one then past 45 looked like a geezer, but man it's really weird to think about. GnR look pretty good all (fat) things considered when you compare them to Zeppelin at roughly the same age.
  9. The funniest thing to me is that the left did a complete 180 on the vaccines, as soon as they weren't associated with Trump anymore. They would NEVER take a rushed to market "Trump" vaccine, but now they want you burned at a stake if you don't get it. I didn't want it under Trump, and I didn't want it under Biden. I got my armed pulled into getting by my fucking busy body aunt who was pretty much lying and saying my grandpa didn't feel safe being around people without it. He said he was "happy" that i got it, but didn't give a shit if i hadn't or not.
  10. Monkey wtf are you trying to tell us with this shit you're posting lately
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