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  1. An analogy for putting your tongue in a guys ass. Sometimes called a "rimjob" or "rimming". I dont think thats a basketball ad...
  2. @bacardimayne i humbly present this picture to you for consideration for a future avatar. I dont think youd even have to edit it since it already looks exactly like fat axl.
  3. Can you do an episode with JB about the recently attempted coup d'etat of gnfnr?
  4. Exactly my point. God bless you, TWAT. You articulate my thoughts better than i could ever hope to.
  5. I know we shit on him a lot, and rightfully so probably, but Axl in his prime really was just incredible. One of a kind. RQ Ritz '88 is the #1 GnR performance ever for my money. I love this version of YCBM when Axl's mic cuts out and Izzy has to take over. Fuckin rad that he stepped in instead of it just being instrumental for a while for Axl to sort his shit out.
  6. The way i always kind of understood MJ was that he was basically a perpetual man child, stunted mentally from neglect/abuse from his father. It would make sense through some weird logic that he would rather hang out with boys then. I didn't want to pal around with girls when i was a little kid. Shit, i don't want to now. Most girls my age that i know are vapid retards.
  7. Idk about you, but I'd love if they played Perfect Crime hehehe
  8. Not saying either of these are you or him. Just stumbled across the pic and thought of this thread.
  9. So my major take away is that miser got cucked by a fag. That's pretty rough. All jokes aside. Very entertaining interview. Thanks for hosting Brasky, and Miser for being willing to share his life with us.
  10. I paused the episode to make some dinner real quick now i cant get the audio to work again. It still shows as playing, but no sound. Did i break something or am i just retarded? Agree with everyone else tho. Don't get back with a cheater. Especially not so soon after. It's bound to happen again. I fucked my ex a few times after we broke up, and she was dating her now husband, but my dumb brain just chalk it up as payback at this point. I didn't know about her new guy for the first few times we hooked up, so idc. You'll get over her, even if it takes some time. I know it
  11. That would have been the funniest video of all time if they made it literal to the lyrics lol. I want a visual demonstration of how you handcuff someone's hand's in front of their back. Could never make sense of that one.
  12. @EstrangedTWAT's laptop: I think you mentioned at one point there's some old vestigial law that banned it, and everyone thinks is retarded. But no politicians want to put their name on it as the perv championing uncensored smut. Must be rough having to jump through all those hoops just for a wank.
  13. Does Japan allow western porn? And if so, do they somehow censor out the cocks and vagenes like they do with their domestic product? Also, headphones are key with close neighbors or family in the house. I grew up wanking it to mostly pictures or occasionally some short clips from The Hun on mute, to avoid any mishaps lol.
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